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  1. The tiny T5 sockets have rather fragile connectors in them. Have a look at a known good socket and chances are that the oil light socket contacts are dirty or bent out of shape. Carefully reshape them using a dental pick if you have one and do a live test. Some of the pressure exerted by the contacts on the bulb is caused by the rubber socket being squeezed into the gauge receptacle. With the key on, sometimes you can squeeze the socket and the bulb will light. As I found out, LEDs are polarized and if they don't light up, flipping them side-for-side or end-for-end will solve the problem.
  2. Hey docc, you mention restrictors in the manometer lines. Any idea of the size of the hole drilled in them? Have two vacuum gauges and am constructing a bush mechanic carb balancer.
  3. However, that is not only cycling the ignition switch, but also the famously troubled relays under the seat. I would check the associated relay also, as that can cause the same malfunction. Also, T5 LEDs are available and "might" be a little longer lived as well as being available in various colors.
  4. There are threads about charging/conditioning the batteries. Here is he primary: For an AGM, Odyssey batteries are rather idiosyncratic. They need like 6 amps to properly charge (very few charger-maintainers will do that). But Odyssey also recommends "conditioning" which means draining to almost zero and "immediately" recharging. Zero volts does not measurably damage the battery - it is the amount of time it spends at zero volts that cause damage. Think of it like breathing: you can completely exhale and immediately inhale with no harm Exhale and remain so for 10 minutes, well, that's qu
  5. There are tiny T5 bulbs in the indicator lights. Careful pulling the rubber bulb holder out of the plastic gauge pod, as the two materials seem to weld themselves together over time. Might have to use a dental pick and shoot some silicone spray in between the bulb holder and the gauge receptacle.
  6. That is the best guess. But, it stretches my credulity to believe that fuel which is fairly difficult to ignite unless atomized would ignite explosively in response to a low voltage spark. In any event, if a motorcycle was to spontaneously explode from an internal pump, it would have to be some form of Guzzi. I know of no such case.
  7. Give Bike Colours UK a ring. They might very well have it. Their website is under maintenance, so email or telephone may be the best way to contact them. https://www.bikecolours.com/
  8. My point is that if you bin the high cams and all of their drive bits, and just use the same old cam that rests where it always has, and pushrods the same length they've always been, there is less complication, less leaks, less maintenance. You have an 8V motor with the same redline. I am thinking aftermarket retrofit onto V11s. Keep the hard points of intake and exhaust port the same. Different head casting and pistons and you have an 8V with an 8K redline. Just musing here. But - Krauser did 4V heads for the air-head Beemers back in the 80s, and it was more difficult IIRC, as there was a pus
  9. USA? If so, English not so good. Also, they ship pets! Smells like spam.
  10. Now you are simply trying (and successfully) to make us envious. Beautiful!
  11. Good on the zinc then. I note that Valvoline stresses diesel, but also states that it is appropriate for gas engines. Having just turned 7K miles, and this being probably its 4th change, the motor is plenty clean inside. Well do I remember the wailing against detergent oils in the late 50s and early 60s. Many, believing it to be "the answer" poured it into horribly sludged up straight sixes and V8s, with the resultant clogging of filters, pump screens and even hydraulic lifters. Brother and I tore down some engines in which you could barely find iron for all the sludge.
  12. Dad the pilot was a Valvoline guy. So, am perusing their applicable products. Cummins Diesel likes this oil, but I do not know their valve gear. https://sharena21.springcm.com/Public/Document/18452/5a457451-fe75-e711-9c10-ac162d889bd3/b240026d-0abd-e711-9c12-ac162d889bd1 Zinc is shown as 1270ppm. Sufficient for flats?
  13. Pre-take off report: "Two turning and two burning"?
  14. Somone was thinking right! Cannot understand why Guzzi did not use a single throttle body with port injectors? - What synchronization? What idle balance? TPS and done. And, since we're reinventing the wheel, why not a 4V pushrod head? Although it would sacrifice some, the original port openings could be used. Just different (lighter) pistons to match the pent roof heads. Oh, daydreaming can end so abruptly and unsatisfyingly.
  15. The house would profane that beauty. You need a shrine! Covered, insulated, heated and A/C...
  16. Well, from the rider's eye view...YES! I did the meme for another forum to answer some bloke with a Ducati that suggested their shape as the male attractant. That a LMII or III? Going by the "face" that the gauges form.
  17. Recently, I replaced an imploded valve cover gasket. Some prior F-1 mechanic had put washers under the guard at two of the four screw holes. And used two different thickness/O.D. washers at that. Thus, two of the four screws were then working to pull the guard down flush. When tightening such an "arrangement" the threads will feel soft, but are really pulling the guard down the 0.5-1.0 mm gap caused by the washers. My rule of thumb: Trust nothing and nobody who has touched your bike before. Not the engineers, assembly workers, prior owners or "mechanics."
  18. I'm going to have to check a not-too-far-away Yamaha shop that had a lot of Givi stuff hanging on the wall. Maybe cut a deal (right...) on a bag, then find an Aprilia mount for it. OK, trivia: which year Aprilias use that tank cap pattern? As it is, I can't even get my tank bags to stick using static cling!
  19. Hey, it turns out that spring making is easy! Well, sorta...
  20. Sounds like the unit that same on my Ballabio. It's too short and the pivot is too close to the ground. Thus, you have to lift the bike about 2" until the stand goes over center. Hernia time. I roll the rear tire onto a flat 2X4 and that raises it just enough to be somewhat more easily deployed.
  21. Way too much hassle to TIG a one inch extension onto the crossover. But, if you know a talented welder who's not too busy...
  22. I see it stressing the headers where they exit the cylinder head. 20 pounds pressure one direction means 20 pounds the other when you let go. As I understand it, the headers are double thickness for 30 mm or so where they exit the head, precisely because of stress cracks. And we hear enough about crossovers and X-pipes cracking. I would think that the best solution (do you have rear pegs and their hangers?) would be to slot the various mounting holes as needed so as to eliminate the stress. Then, only a few pounds to counteract gravity when installing and you should be good. Eliminating the re
  23. We're talking the same shape, but...
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