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  1. Thank you Doc and Luhbo - I didnt realise the Lagnano was the V11 colour - on the push bike
  2. Just coming full circle with this project - where do I find the colour codes of the green I long for..... I tried a search in FAQ's and there's mention of Tenni Green paint and the colour codes someone went to great lengths to get the colour for - but I'm unsure exactly what to order and who from - I'm in the UK and if indeed Tenni is the green I desire.... arghhh!!! Stu
  3. Ahh ok.... let the learning commence
  4. That's th ekinda price you can pay and if they explode so what! Good spot!
  5. Alllllllllllll day and allllllllllllllll night :drool:
  6. Hey Steve, Thanks for the heads up. I'm not going to buy those carbon cans - I know they are genuine I just don't like the mountings - in carbon with v-twin boom - I'd rather go with carbon that's "solid".... I've seen one shatter once due to SP2 boom on a mates bike - so they can be fragile.... Thank you for the thought though. We should keep in touch so not to out bid each other!
  7. I fancy the green and to accentuate the red elements - so get red Eagle/Moto Guzzi tank badges and pick up the red stuff (inc the horns) so it'll look spanking Also those exhausts - I like the up-swept angled ones maybe carbon or effect. I used to have a Suzuki TL1000 and had lovely carbon cans on that at high level. Ahh Luhbo - thank you for that input too. I think I'm going to do green as its the colour that makes my heart flutter when I see it. I don't think it gets better than that..... a bit like looking at Daenerys Targaryen
  8. Hey guys, Thanks for the input - it's great to hear others' opinions and thoughts and great to hear from V11 owners - i'm pleased I found this space. The bike was painted orange by someone at some time - here's a photo of it.... I will make this beautiful.
  9. Hey Steve, I'm pleased you saw it too - yeah the colour isn't very nice. I fell inlove with the green and then registered here and saw the Coppa Italia rep colour scheme and thought it probably would be a nicer colour scheme long term. I wouldnt be wanting to pass it off as a Coppa - I just like the colours for an Italian bike - it almost "has" to be the tricoloure if I'm doing the paint. What is the process for painting the green? Is it a candy colour? Ive done candy red/orange/yellow but not this green. Gstallons mentioned I can buy a tank in any colour I like - why do I need to buy a tank? If you buy and sell a few what stopped you buying this one if you don't mind - I'm new to V11's Stu
  10. Hello Noob owner here, I first wanted to change my orange coloured V11 to that gorgeous GREEN that seems to defy sunshine/camera lenses and almost glows like a nuclear power plant waste material..... Ive pawed photos of greenies and my heart races when I see those colours. But then the old man inside thinks the Coppa Italia looks traditional and more befitting and possibly even rarer than a Greenie. Who thinks what about these 2 choices? My paint isn't bad - but I bought the V11 because it is such a cutie.... and looks even cuterererr in Green.... but svelt in Coppa.....argghhhhhh :help:
  11. Cikko


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