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  1. I finally got around to pulling the Lemans out of the corner of the garage, and sure enough the problem is related to the side stand switch. Once I put the stand up it fired right up. But, I noticed that I have no neutral light, I am thinking there must be a sensor not working so it doesn’t know its in neutral and so won’t start with the stand down.
  2. Thanks Docc. It appears that a previous owner has already addressed this issue. Turning the bars didn't make a difference.
  3. The other day my Lemans was vapour locking but I managed to coax it back to my house. A few days later I went to start it and there is nothing. I have power but the fuel injection is not priming and there is nothing when I hit the starter. I have checked battery connections and fuses and all is OK there. Any ideas of what to check next? Thanks.
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