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  1. Hi to All , My Greenie was pinging a bit on the original pipes and now runs absolutely perfect with mistrals without altering anything. A Complete Pavarottisation!
  2. Hi from Cork! The old Nitromors active ingredient was Methylene Chloride and would dissolve any paint. It is now banned and the new stuff is as efficient as spring water. Hers in Ireland you can still get methylene chloride based stripper but only by 5 liters for 'professional use only', about e40 a can. If you check with suppliers of parts for the restoration of vintage tractors they should know how to get it. I will have to do mine next winter and i wil attempt it with the engine i situ, small section by small section. Its only silver paint that the previous owner did with a brush. I will leave it in bare aly with ACF50 surface treatment,like my T5
  3. Hi to all, Concerning lithium batteries i asked my whole sale supplier why he was not stocking any of them. His reply was : i dont want to deal with all the waranty claims!
  4. The Yuasa 'made in USA' are, i believe, made in the same factory as Hawker Odyssey's. My 2008 Stelvio's day one factory original Yuasa battery was still perfect when i sold the bike last year, no special treatment, no trickle charger just luck!
  5. That was typical of the Stelvio starter buttons. Started the bike once amongst a big group taking off and did not hear that the starter stayed engaged. A mile further down the road and a lot of smoke. Got a replacement switch unit under waranty and it was faulty too. Fitted a big 60 amp starter button from a vintage tractor on the bars that gave no trouble for the next 10 years .
  6. Hi everybody. Here are a couple if pictures, the first one is the small bench ,what they call a hospital trolly. It lifts a V11 no problem and is very steady. The second one is electrically operated and the picture shows how easy it is to squeeze between bikes. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi to all, I run a small restoration company and have 2-3 projects on the go at anytime, say one service (up to 1week),one full veteran restoration (up to one year) and one medium size job (a couple of weeks+). I use 3 narrowed hospital beds on wheels and find them invaliable as they can very easily be pushed out of the way even with a big bike on top. They are cut to 2' wide and a 9x2" board clips in the back to wheel thhe bike on. The front of the bike is secured with a 'bike grab' . One lift is pedal operated and the 2 other electric. They all came free and are more versatile than any other bike lift i have ever seen. Well worth considering in your set up as you dont have that much space and might like to use the center of the floor for another project sometimes.
  8. The pair of slosh plates arrived today in Ireland, i must say someone is quite handy with the jigsaw. Lovely job, a pitty to hide it but when my oil light flickered during heavy breaking i knew it was time to do something. Thanks Eric and greetings from Cork,world capital of the sideway rains.
  9. Hi, if you screw in a new bolt in and shake it from side to side you should find out if it needs helicoiling
  10. Hi to all! The' made in USA' Yuasa, such as the one that was fitted in my 2008 Stelvio from day one come out of the same factory as the Hawker odyssey. I sold my stelvio last june ,12 years old with the original first day battery. It was never put on trickle charge, it got flat a couple of times in the winter but always came back to life. I think that there is a lot of luck involved in the life span of a battery,and a lot of unproven theories about them. Greetings from Cork.
  11. There should be plenty half dismantled old T3 availlable around with bashed body work etc,better resucitated into a Café than left to rot and waiting for the scrap yard. Anyway you dont need any bodywork or wheels if they are cast. Also,You will find plenty low mileage ugly ex police T5 in Italy for E3000 or there about ,you can swap the barrels for new 940 Gilardonis round fins and get Le Mans heads. Good Luck from Cork, Ireland (Pics are before and after)
  12. Hi, if you just brush on ACF50 sparcely and wipe the surplus off with a rag it will keep it free of corrosion for a long time. I use it on all my guzzi bare (unpainted) crankcases also for the last 20 years with great success. Good luck with your build, i love the wheels but question the tank,its too bulky to look fast...
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