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  1. Hi from Cork! The old Nitromors active ingredient was Methylene Chloride and would dissolve any paint. It is now banned and the new stuff is as efficient as spring water. Hers in Ireland you can still get methylene chloride based stripper but only by 5 liters for 'professional use only', about e40 a can. If you check with suppliers of parts for the restoration of vintage tractors they should know how to get it. I will have to do mine next winter and i wil attempt it with the engine i situ, small section by small section. Its only silver paint that the previous owner did with a brush. I will leave it in bare aly with ACF50 surface treatment,like my T5
  2. Hi to all, Concerning lithium batteries i asked my whole sale supplier why he was not stocking any of them. His reply was : i dont want to deal with all the waranty claims!
  3. The Yuasa 'made in USA' are, i believe, made in the same factory as Hawker Odyssey's. My 2008 Stelvio's day one factory original Yuasa battery was still perfect when i sold the bike last year, no special treatment, no trickle charger just luck!
  4. That was typical of the Stelvio starter buttons. Started the bike once amongst a big group taking off and did not hear that the starter stayed engaged. A mile further down the road and a lot of smoke. Got a replacement switch unit under waranty and it was faulty too. Fitted a big 60 amp starter button from a vintage tractor on the bars that gave no trouble for the next 10 years .
  5. Hi everybody. Here are a couple if pictures, the first one is the small bench ,what they call a hospital trolly. It lifts a V11 no problem and is very steady. The second one is electrically operated and the picture shows how easy it is to squeeze between bikes. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi to all, I run a small restoration company and have 2-3 projects on the go at anytime, say one service (up to 1week),one full veteran restoration (up to one year) and one medium size job (a couple of weeks+). I use 3 narrowed hospital beds on wheels and find them invaliable as they can very easily be pushed out of the way even with a big bike on top. They are cut to 2' wide and a 9x2" board clips in the back to wheel thhe bike on. The front of the bike is secured with a 'bike grab' . One lift is pedal operated and the 2 other electric. They all came free and are more versatile than any other bike lift i have ever seen. Well worth considering in your set up as you dont have that much space and might like to use the center of the floor for another project sometimes.
  7. The pair of slosh plates arrived today in Ireland, i must say someone is quite handy with the jigsaw. Lovely job, a pitty to hide it but when my oil light flickered during heavy breaking i knew it was time to do something. Thanks Eric and greetings from Cork,world capital of the sideway rains.
  8. Hi, if you screw in a new bolt in and shake it from side to side you should find out if it needs helicoiling
  9. Hi to all! The' made in USA' Yuasa, such as the one that was fitted in my 2008 Stelvio from day one come out of the same factory as the Hawker odyssey. I sold my stelvio last june ,12 years old with the original first day battery. It was never put on trickle charge, it got flat a couple of times in the winter but always came back to life. I think that there is a lot of luck involved in the life span of a battery,and a lot of unproven theories about them. Greetings from Cork.
  10. There should be plenty half dismantled old T3 availlable around with bashed body work etc,better resucitated into a Café than left to rot and waiting for the scrap yard. Anyway you dont need any bodywork or wheels if they are cast. Also,You will find plenty low mileage ugly ex police T5 in Italy for E3000 or there about ,you can swap the barrels for new 940 Gilardonis round fins and get Le Mans heads. Good Luck from Cork, Ireland (Pics are before and after)
  11. Hi, if you just brush on ACF50 sparcely and wipe the surplus off with a rag it will keep it free of corrosion for a long time. I use it on all my guzzi bare (unpainted) crankcases also for the last 20 years with great success. Good luck with your build, i love the wheels but question the tank,its too bulky to look fast...
  12. With thanks to Patrick Hayes of the Google Group 'Guzzi Singles'(Sorry,its not a dating site) who supplied the article andits translation. Meanwhile,We are all waiting for the virtual EICMA...will a new V85 Le Mans be revealed? Greetings from Cork!
  13. https://www.moto.it/news/nico-cereghini-il-museo-guzzi-sara-bellissimo.htmlTranslation by Google:Nico Cereghini: "Will the Guzzi museum be beautiful?"November 2, 2020 - The Piaggio Group Board of Directors approved theredevelopment project of the Moto Guzzi museum and the entire productionarea of Mandello. It will be a famous archistar to take care of it.Even if there is no other news for now, fans rejoiceHello everyone! At the end of September, when I anticipated that MotoGuzzi's 100th birthday would be celebrated in 2021 (read the article),many of you raised the theme of the Mandello museum. It is tooneglected, several comments criticized, "it's a shame!" some directlyaccused. Well, I want to give you some good news: even the president andtop management of the Piaggio Group realize that the museum is not up topar. And now the board of directors has approved the redevelopment project.There are no precise figures or times, but the resolution is a fact: itwas decided that the works will begin next year and will cover theentire area of the Mandello Lario plant, from production to theoffices and halls of the museum. It is also known that the project wasentrusted to Greg Lynn, American architect and designer, member of theUnited States Artists, awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in2008 and many other international awards; and who is also CEO of PiaggioFast Forward, the team of innovators “which aims to build lightweightmobility platforms that offer innovative solutions for the movement ofpeople and goods”. In short, a beautiful head already involved in the group.What matters is that, although times are not exactly ideal, those whohave the fate of Guzzi in their hands seem determined to invest millionsof euros in the prestige of the brand. Even the mayor of MandelloRiccardo Fasoli, on the pages of Corriere della Sera, is delighted withthe good news, rumors have been circulating for months and theratification of the board of directors is the expected turning point.For Mandello it is a panacea, the museum has always attracted Italianand foreign enthusiasts, but above all we understand that such aninvestment means that the company will remain here, on the lake where itwas born a century ago and where the history of motorcycles was made.I believe, and I am certainly not the only one, that no museum in theworld could come close to that of the Moto Guzzi, once it has beenrethought and recreated. There are other even older houses - Gilera isfrom 1919, the first Harley is even from 1903 - but the eagle house hasan absolutely unique history. It is enough to mention a symbol such asthe famous wind tunnel: here in Mandello technical innovation andcreativity have been breathed, the most extraordinary successes ininternational races have been built before world-wide. Men of enormoustalent met on the shore of the Lario, names like Omobono Tenni, BrunoRuffo or Giulio Cesare Carcano with his incredible Otto cylinders: noother brand has reached this high.I don't know this Greg Lynn, one of the ten most influential architectsin the world for Forbes magazine. But I already envy him. If he has abit of passion for motorcycles, imagining and designing the Moto Guzzimuseum will be a magnificent adventure for him. --
  14. We were in Mandello a dozen or so years ago for the first time, myself on my old T5, (still going strong with ALL its original electrics, never seen the valves or the pistons after 35 years and 120000 km) and my friend on his Rosso Mandello. Just after arriving in the Abbadia Lariana campsite we sat at the bar for a beer. This young lad in Guzzi overalls arrives and ask my friend: 'You want Ohlins? 100 euros!' He went out and came back with a brand new back shock.After getting his money he said:' Want another one?' and off he went for it. Northern Italy works in marvellous and mysterious ways!...
  15. What realy excites me is to ride my bike 'on the cam'. And that applies to any bike at all. Its just that you cannot ride anything modern and powerfull in such way if you want to be back home for your supper and not ending in a box or in jail. I have a few small bikes like an Airone Sport or a Bultaco 350 and enjoy them immensely when i can wring them around coaxing every horse availlable to stay 'in the zone' and on song. May be i am old fashioned and missing something but the Airone at 60mph is more fun than my ex Stelvio at 130. Many customers aren't looking for silly power and over prepped steers, technology is a lure and progress an illusion, give me two valves and pushrods please. There wont be any need to rebuild the head at silly expense or to remortgage your house to reshim your desmo. So for me, guzzi is on the right track staying air cooled and pushrod , keeping production costs down , but with the added value of a shaft drive thus reducing maintenance. As a mechanic, i cannot but admire the skills of the creators of those super rockets but it somehow lets me cold.
  16. Hi to all, My Stelvio's battery was fitted in Guzzi's factory in february 2008 and still does the job. It reads 11.8 volts after 4 weeks of non-use and stays there. Its an AGM Yuasa made in USA, and, as far as i know, they are made in the same factory (that belongs to the Enersys group)as Hawker Odysseys and Genesys .batteries. I had bought an identical replacement nbattery a good while ago just in case but so far so good with the 12 years old one.. Now we dont have severely cold winters in Cork.b
  17. Lads, the specific forum for V11 in France is : www.forumtwinzone.fr
  18. 2 springs arrived in Cork, great initiative, thanks for all the work. Have you many of them left? If so I could contact the french v11 forum and advertise.
  19. Hi Mark, yes , they are more comfortable as for grounding its not with the wet and greasy roads we have at present in the Cork-Kerry mountains that i will be trying to lean too far ... I changed the bars as well for a second hand triumph set and between bars and foot pegs it makes for a much easier ride with less weight on the front wheel. AND : heated grips...(used to be for Sissies but perceptions changes)
  20. Hi Mark, After Recently fitting lowered and advanced pegs i had the same problem with my brake lever this is how i extended it: simple and adjustable. 8 mm aluminium plate with a 10 mm s/s coach bold as a pedal. a milling machine is handy for the groove, but by no means essential. Hope it Helps.Greetings from (very wild) Cork tonight. Luc
  21. Hi there Scud, Payment sent for two springs as well. Thanks for your initiative its well appreciated. Cheers from Cork.
  22. Pete said that just the pad in the carbon covering is availlable new from Guzzi for E203! I found a cowl from another fellow in France for E50. Its red an does not look too out of place on a greenie. Making the usual mods on the bike at the moment: - fitted bars that dont have me looking like a toad on a fountain spout and also a set of adjustable foot pegs. -A Big blade 30Amp fuse and its holder to replace 'melting no.3, and i am making a pannier rack copying my friends genuine Guzzi one. All that for an Alpine spin next june. This forum has been a great help .
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