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  1. What realy excites me is to ride my bike 'on the cam'. And that applies to any bike at all. Its just that you cannot ride anything modern and powerfull in such way if you want to be back home for your supper and not ending in a box or in jail. I have a few small bikes like an Airone Sport or a Bultaco 350 and enjoy them immensely when i can wring them around coaxing every horse availlable to stay 'in the zone' and on song. May be i am old fashioned and missing something but the Airone at 60mph is more fun than my ex Stelvio at 130. Many customers aren't looking for silly p
  2. Hi to all, My Stelvio's battery was fitted in Guzzi's factory in february 2008 and still does the job. It reads 11.8 volts after 4 weeks of non-use and stays there. Its an AGM Yuasa made in USA, and, as far as i know, they are made in the same factory (that belongs to the Enersys group)as Hawker Odysseys and Genesys .batteries. I had bought an identical replacement nbattery a good while ago just in case but so far so good with the 12 years old one.. Now we dont have severely cold winters in Cork.b
  3. Lads, the specific forum for V11 in France is : www.forumtwinzone.fr
  4. 2 springs arrived in Cork, great initiative, thanks for all the work. Have you many of them left? If so I could contact the french v11 forum and advertise.
  5. Hi Mark, yes , they are more comfortable as for grounding its not with the wet and greasy roads we have at present in the Cork-Kerry mountains that i will be trying to lean too far ... I changed the bars as well for a second hand triumph set and between bars and foot pegs it makes for a much easier ride with less weight on the front wheel. AND : heated grips...(used to be for Sissies but perceptions changes)
  6. Hi Mark, After Recently fitting lowered and advanced pegs i had the same problem with my brake lever this is how i extended it: simple and adjustable. 8 mm aluminium plate with a 10 mm s/s coach bold as a pedal. a milling machine is handy for the groove, but by no means essential. Hope it Helps.Greetings from (very wild) Cork tonight. Luc
  7. Hi there Scud, Payment sent for two springs as well. Thanks for your initiative its well appreciated. Cheers from Cork.
  8. Pete said that just the pad in the carbon covering is availlable new from Guzzi for E203! I found a cowl from another fellow in France for E50. Its red an does not look too out of place on a greenie. Making the usual mods on the bike at the moment: - fitted bars that dont have me looking like a toad on a fountain spout and also a set of adjustable foot pegs. -A Big blade 30Amp fuse and its holder to replace 'melting no.3, and i am making a pannier rack copying my friends genuine Guzzi one. All that for an Alpine spin next june. This forum has been a great he
  9. Pete from Reboot just told me recently that he does not have one, but you could, if you realy realy want one absolutely buy a new one for E203 ...
  10. Yes the headstock is standard .the forks are from a T5 Frame paint is Ford tractor blue and was E10 a liter! Hereis another picture of the fishtail, made by welding together different ready made sections of 'dairy tube' widely availlable.
  11. Built this a dozen years ago from a G5, but its now an 850 and still going strong, lot of home made parts (exhausts, handlebars, battery box ,seat,) John Williams (tank shop)made the tank and mudguard
  12. Hi to All, I have Been 20 years drooling over greenies, bought and sold a few other guzzies and still have a handfull from Airone to Stevio (now for sale). I serviced a friend's Cafe Nero recently and could not keep my eyes off it: Marabese is a genius , it must be one of the cleanest motorcycle design of all times. Anyway this same friend told me of a Greenie for sale in Dublin, and it just happened that he had to go there in a couple of days. So we went , saw and conquered... without blood nor money changing hands. (straight swap) So there she is, one of the earliest 99
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