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  1. Thanks! Here's a close-up, I used a Shin-Yo fender rear light mounted upside down, it fits great and is very slim, but bright.
  2. I guess there's no video section, but here is a little clip of my ride yesterday:
  3. I hadn't noticed before! I guess it's the last of the chin pad tanks, as it's a 2003 bike. I quite like the way it looks, slightly less "bunched up" at the front. @footgoose The exhaust hangers (and the cans) were custom made by a shop in the UK, which is why I couldn't tell what they were. I went back through the paperwork and found a receipt from Long Life Exhausts, in Bristol.
  4. Had a little go with the seat hump off, didn't want my rucksack scraping the paint.
  5. Aha, thanks for clarifying, yes we can turn the lights off on UK bikes.... I was wondering if I was going mad.. I had something similar in my imported Yamaha, "starter safety solenoid" or some other grand title. Took it all off and started again with that wiring!
  6. So, it looks like using the old Speedo light power is quite common, I am definitely being stupid here; my original speedo illumination comes on with my light switch, not with ignition.
  7. People who have electronic speedo conversions, where did you take a permanent +12v from? I am a bit aprehensive of running another dedicated live direct from the battery (has 3 wires on the + terminal already). I would like to find a fused 12v somewhere, although looking at the wiring diagram I don't think I'll find one!
  8. Sadly the body is 85mm, so the entire thing would not. The internals are pretty much identical, bu the dial is bigger, if the dial could be turned down to 80mm then I believe the whole mechanism would fit into the ITI plastic case. The dials are not interchangeable because of where 0mph sits. Here is a pic to show the Ducati gear you installed, the state of the old one, and the Ducati odo/trip gear and reset.
  9. Dragging this up from the past, if anyone gets here looking for answers, the gear that sits on the worm drive, and also the connecting gear up to the odometer are identical in the Ducati ST2/ST4/900SS CEV speedo. The face looks like this: The trip button is also the same, so it's a good source of 3 spare parts!
  10. Right, it's a tiny bit too big, so that's a no on direct fit. But the mechanism is practically identical, so the gear that sits on the worm drive for the Speedo/trip is the same part, as is the connecting drive and Speedo reset knob. So.... What is the best way to get the worm gear out? Bend the entire metal back plate down? Or is it better to try and go in from the front? It doesn't look like the needle comes off? Are they glues/screwed on? Seems delicate. Edit: prized the back plate down, put new worm gear in. Spent an hour tapping and bending the whole thing till the worm gear actually engaged. Tip: do not bend the back down, figure out a way to remove the front! Ducati ST2/ST4/900ss CEV Speedo gears do fit the ITI Speedo though, exactly the same, it looks like this: I posted this on reply to a different thread, but here it is easier to find in case anyone needs it. Here is a pic to show the Ducati gear you installed, the state of the old one, and the Ducati odo/trip gear and reset
  11. I put a tiny little rear light on the back, to replace the small, but crappy light/bracket arrangement that I was never happy with. This Shin-Yo light is supposed to be fender mounted on the top, but I took a gamble on it fitting/being visible under the V11 rear...
  12. The thread on the gearbox that the angle drive attaches to is 16mm, but the clock side of the cable (on mine with ITIs ) is 12mm. Not sure if that is common... I *think*. Those yellow bits are blanked off holes for lights, I have seen images on Google where they seem to have bulb holders in there. EDIT: Bought one cheap just now, so we shall see! Nearly matches my mileage
  13. Since I didn't get my arse in gear and finish wiring up my electronic speedo yet, but have manage to wrestle my bike into a working state and am now riding it, I find myself in need of something that has a working trip counter. I have spotted a few 900ss Speedos on eBay, they are cheap and look kind of ok-ish. Has anyone fitted one to replace an ITI Speedo? Here is a Ducati item, the seller says the thread is "about 12mm" and has (badly) measured the diameter at 82mm. Here is mine Sorry for quality, I was showing the seller how to measure diameter! So they look very similar. The Ducati item has fixed posts, but apart from that..what do we think??
  14. I'm sure all these things are great, and I might sound like and stubborn old git (I'm actually 37, is there a youngest Guzzi rider trophy? ) but I have never had a problem with a loop of clear tube with one end in a glass bottle of old brake fluid; just pump out the old stuff and the air bubbles, it goes out into the bottle and the bubbles rise up, can't get sucked back in.
  15. Just following up... I took my bike for it's MOT (uk annual test) today, not sure what I was expecting, but it feels like a new bike. The sheer amount of tinkering has (I think) beaten everything into submission. No misfire on either cyclinder at idle No hot idle cough or splutter Smooth pull all the way to redline Can hold at part throttle (anywhere) and it sits happily and smoothly Drinks all the fuel.... So, all in all, doing all the tune up stuff, again and again until you get it right, makes a wonderful difference... Had an entire family stop and marvel as I rolled past, kids shouting nice bike, I put this down to my wonderful rattle can paint job.....
  16. The yellow paint was all in the threads on mine, so it wouldn't turn at all. In my first attempt I thought it was turning, but then realised I had accidentally unwound the thread out of the ball joint on the right hand side!
  17. I was well prepared for releasing it, not letting it interfere with the TPS, making sure it was well out the way... Just didn't quite realise that tightening it back up would wind it on a tiny amount behind my back...
  18. Oh, bugger. It's idling over 1000 on the tacho, haven't checked in GuzziDiag. Might have to go over this again.... Have I invented a new procedure, BTW? 😉 Thanks for all your help. In case anyone else is in despair and reads this, here are some things of note.... Things that were compounding the problem: Jammed up white knob and sync rod thread would not allow easy adjustment to get rod on the ball joint without putting something else out of adjustment. Fast idle had somehow crept in after setting idle screws, nudging the right throttle more open before attaching rod, make sure it doesn't nip up the throttle when tightening back up. Possible exhaust leaks. An ECU map that was richer than standard, making the left cylinder (which nearly closed) too rich at idle, therefore sooty. Possible air leaks around perished rubber intake. P.S. I saved myself £90 as well, which is how much a Guzzi specialist had quoted for a TPS reset, and I wouldn't have had the satisfaction of knowing I had done it myself, and knowing how everything was set.
  19. See above, I got it running pretty well, I used a modified version of your idea, so thank you very much for the inspiration and guidance.
  20. Ok, I have had some success. I swapped back in a Siemens relay, but noticed no difference. I wound the throttles back, disconnected choke and made sure I still had 157mv, yes I did. I went for 1 turn out on the newly cleaned air screws. I took off, and put back on the exhaust, I have this slight issue where the gaskets seem too thick, resulting in the crossover pipes not meeting the little nubs on the headers, but i can't compress them any more with the head nuts. Still, it all went back together. I took off the throttle sync rod and wire brushed and oiled the slider mechanism. ( I am using a locknut on it) I was thinking, I know what I (rightly or wrongly) want here, I want the right hand TB idle value to start off at 450mv. I did that. Ok got some calipers in between the right hand throttle stop plates, got 4.7mm. I went to the left and wound the screw out to achieve 4.7mm between the throttle stop plates. I then connected the left side of the sync rod, and hovered over the bike and carefully wound the nylon knob till the left hand side would pop on the ball joint without moving the idle off 450mv. So I definitely had the idle at 450mv and at least the same exact gap on the right, and the rod had not altered the idle yet. Started her up and... Running nearly balanced from the get go! Got it hot and wound it up to 3k, slightly too much air on the right, adjust the knob to perfect sync. Back to idle and... Slightly lumpy, very slightly. I'm going to live with that and not tidy it up with the air screws. Thank you one and all, thanks for the help
  21. Sorry to barge back in Weegie. I got about 135psi cold on each, but could only rattle off about 5 cranks on the battery before it slowed. Also, this was a universal rubber tip compression test, not a screw in. You just hold it on with your third hand! Main thing is, both sides exactly the same. So onto the next thing....
  22. Thanks, I've tried to find Omrons to no avail. I actually bought the set of Panasonic's and replaced all 5..... I still have the old Siemens and Tyco mix in a bag, not sure which ones you would recommend?
  23. These Panasonic ones I believe https://uk.rs-online.com/mobile/p/non-latching-relays/8113123/
  24. The high idle follower was flapping in the breeze, and the right throttle stop was way out (someone had been here before and was only using the left for idle) it initially read 84mv. When I got 157mv the butterfly was sticking in the bore. I feel I definitely got that bit right.
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