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  1. Yup, and they make removing and installing the alternator cover a lot harder than it should be too. Mistral makes cross over-less header pipes. I recently got rid of my originals with the cross overs. MG cycle sells/distributes them in the USA. I have a set of solid metal shims that replace the crappy gaskets in the original x-overs that I will post in the classified soon for sale.
  2. I secured a ram mount into the blanking plug on the top of the triple tree. The plug is fairly thin and I bolted through it after drilling a hole. Works well, my phone is easy to see as it is fully adjustable. I have a USB port that runs off my battery mounted on the left side of plastic frame cover just below the clip on bars, so it stays charged for navigation. Andy
  3. It gets pretty warm inland from where I live on California central coast, and I've seen the guage register 100 F on several occasions. The calibration is done on my unit by rotating the thermal expansion coil so the needle reads the current ambient temp. There is a plastic backing inside the stainless back ring, which would seem to allow some degree of thermal expansion, although I think the silicon oil is fairly expansion/contraction stable under normal climate heat range.
  4. My Formotion gauges are 10+ years old on my 03 Rosso...... have held up well even with just stick on tape and velcro mounts on my fairing inner. I have to change clock batteries about every 12 - 18 months and I just recently had to refill my thermometer with silicon oil, which was easy to do, and recalibrate the temperature. Quality stuff! Andy
  5. +1 for the work that Joel does. Great communication and turnaround on my ITI speedometer, which has always been wonky since about 2005. I had an issue with my odometer reset knob being stripped and he patiently explained that I could fix it to fit...and he was right after I made a flat spot to engage the flat spot on the output shaft. Also.....I can't believe that I was able to reinstall the knob without loosing that tiny little set screw that holds it on to the shaft! Winning!!! Andy
  6. Glad to see this, thanks for posting. I've been patiently waiting to hear that someone can repair the ITI speedo's and I will definitely be contacting him to fix mine! Andy
  7. Yup, "You dont miss your water...till your well runs dry..."
  8. Yes, old retired firefighter here...38 years of service...most with City of Santa Barbara FD. Going across Pine Mountain area, you can drop down 95 through the Bitter Creek Wildlife area...its an amazing road with so many twists and turns...it will really give you a work out. It goes all the way down to the 33/166 corridor. If you continue through Frazier Park you can go down Lockwood Valley Rd, where it ties into 33, near Ozena fire station.
  9. Take HWY 33 from Ojai, and cross over through the mountains near Ozena fire station....Pine Mountain intersection and then down to New Cuyama and out to the coast. I used to work at Rose Valley near the top of the mountains for the Forest Service on a Helicopter crew and that was a daily commute. Its a great road, often used to film car and motorcycle adverts.
  10. just seat of the pants...they seem to give a little more mid range torque and put out a slightly deeper sound than the stock ones with cross over. However, its probably all in my head (gotta justify the expense!). MG cycle is the USA distributor for Mistral and they were fast to ship. Great service.
  11. Took old Red out for a test ride with the new downpipes...central coast California, out on Hwy 166. Here at the Willow trailhead on the Los Padres N.F.
  12. Last weekend I added a Carbon weave alternator cover on my Rosso...along with changing out the damn crossover pipe with a set of Mistral down tubes. The cover I got was from Pomponi's Garage. Claudio did a really nice job on the part and was great communicating with me from Italy. This picture shows the cover with the old cross over pipe, which was a beeyatch to seal (even with a solid shim kit) and was always in the way. The new Mistrals sound great, were easy to fit. They run into a Stucchi x-over and a set of Mistral Titanium ovals.
  13. Super slow on this one, but will be shooting PayPal for 2 springs this afternoon. Thanks for making this happen! Andy
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  15. Those very same bikes were for sale when I had my 1974 Norton Commando, back in 1976......its kind of a museum, but still a cool place!
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