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  1. Yup, "You dont miss your water...till your well runs dry..."
  2. Yes, old retired firefighter here...38 years of service...most with City of Santa Barbara FD. Going across Pine Mountain area, you can drop down 95 through the Bitter Creek Wildlife area...its an amazing road with so many twists and turns...it will really give you a work out. It goes all the way down to the 33/166 corridor. If you continue through Frazier Park you can go down Lockwood Valley Rd, where it ties into 33, near Ozena fire station.
  3. Take HWY 33 from Ojai, and cross over through the mountains near Ozena fire station....Pine Mountain intersection and then down to New Cuyama and out to the coast. I used to work at Rose Valley near the top of the mountains for the Forest Service on a Helicopter crew and that was a daily commute. Its a great road, often used to film car and motorcycle adverts.
  4. just seat of the pants...they seem to give a little more mid range torque and put out a slightly deeper sound than the stock ones with cross over. However, its probably all in my head (gotta justify the expense!). MG cycle is the USA distributor for Mistral and they were fast to ship. Great service.
  5. Took old Red out for a test ride with the new downpipes...central coast California, out on Hwy 166. Here at the Willow trailhead on the Los Padres N.F.
  6. Last weekend I added a Carbon weave alternator cover on my Rosso...along with changing out the damn crossover pipe with a set of Mistral down tubes. The cover I got was from Pomponi's Garage. Claudio did a really nice job on the part and was great communicating with me from Italy. This picture shows the cover with the old cross over pipe, which was a beeyatch to seal (even with a solid shim kit) and was always in the way. The new Mistrals sound great, were easy to fit. They run into a Stucchi x-over and a set of Mistral Titanium ovals.
  7. Super slow on this one, but will be shooting PayPal for 2 springs this afternoon. Thanks for making this happen! Andy
  8. droydx


  9. Those very same bikes were for sale when I had my 1974 Norton Commando, back in 1976......its kind of a museum, but still a cool place!
  10. Good idea about using a poly cutting board to use the factory stand! Thanks docc!
  11. Yup, they work fine. I have used mine a ton and it's holding up. You can't beat the price/value. As everyone has said, plan on replacing the front wheel clamp with a ride on type. The Stock unit will hold up a Honda CT90, but not much else. The shipping box is huge and realllllly heavy, so factor in a large pickup to get it, and some help to load and unload the beast. I decided to unload mine at home by myself and ended up dropping the thing on my foot. Damn it hurt something awful for the longest time! Andy
  12. A buddy of mine has the EBC rotors on his bike, along with their sintered pads and raves about them. The replacement rotors are item VR614gld. I think the pads are item FA244HH. They come stock with a black center hub, but the gold is available as special order and looks good ala "brembo". They look good. The rotors are wave design, so they are different looking than the stock brembos, but are lighter. http://ebcbrakes.com/Assets/ecatalogues/AUG_2016_USA_Motorcycle_Catalogue/USA-MC-August.html#p=100 Andy
  13. https://www.amazon.com/MOTUL-7100-Synthetic-Ester-Motor/dp/B00IKCYD76/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1479643459&sr=8-4&keywords=motul+10-60 since the 15-50 is ridiculously expensive, and Guzzi recommends 10-60 any more, I go with it. Damnnnnn tooting! Next round I'm in with that. I get my Redline Heavy via Amazon, and I'll get my Motul there too. Thanks Chuck. Andy
  14. +1 for Motul. I've been using the full synthetic 15 - 50 300V Motul for about 6 years and the inside of my case is shinny clean....it's amazing oil but hella expensive at around $19.00 US for a liter. I did about 10 K break in miles with conventional oil and then switched over to full synthetic, first Mobil 1, then Motul. Andy
  15. Chuck, thanks so much! I'll finalize PayPal with you tomorrow AM. Andy
  16. Did I miss out again? Bummer... I haven't checked in for a while....if there's one still available, I' d still like one. Thanks for making them available! Andy
  17. Chuck, I'd be in for one too, if you still have any available still. Will send you contact info via email tomorrow. Thanks! Andy
  18. Your bike looks like a nice compilation of several bikes.. I'd say the handlebar set up is adding to the vibes. It looks like a conversion, with a riser perhaps. I note there are no bar ends...my stock LeMans really tamed down the vibes with a heavy set of bar end weights, change of grips. It's an easy cheap "try before you pry". Open your engine! Andy
  19. Dig it! You're right, that set up will roar. Mid range might suffer a bit though, but it would be worth the aural experience to fide it until your neighbors revolt! Andy
  20. I got the harness setup from Lonelec. It works perfectly and they offer the proper drivers and have good customer support.
  21. That's weird because he just told me yesterday that they had gone up in price from $230 US to $250 US. Whatever it is, he's got that from me, and if it is the lower price you quote, then he can keep the difference and have a few beers on me for the holidays! Andy
  22. I'm in! Email sent to you Pete. Andy
  23. I added a PC to my 03 after adding a FBF open lid airbox, Stucchi X-over and Mistral TI cans. After adjusting, it removed the stock mid range stumble at around 4K and added a lot to the top end, which was extremely lean with the modifications. The bike pulls hard now all the way to redline. Like anything, you have to start with a good baseline tune up, make sure that all settings are spot on for fueling, TPS settings, balance, etc. and then you can fine tune with the PC. A lot of guys will reflash their ecu's once and be done with it, but I like being able to do it myself, when and i
  24. droydx

    WORTH $5500

    Congrats you are now part of a very exclusive group! Estimates vary, some say only about 66 Rossos were imported to the USA. Use genuine Ohlins fork oil and change it regularly per the owners guide. Enjoy the ride! Andy
  25. droydx

    WORTH $5500

    This is a good deal. I have an 03 Rosso so I can compare my bike with this one. My cam sensor weeps a bit also, but I havent been bothered enough by it to deal with it. Check to make sure the odometer and speedo are working as these are problematic on low miles bikes of this year. The body work is stock, seat pan is stock. The headlight looks to have been replaced at some time with a BMW one. The stock lights had clear glass, with a fluted reflector and replacements have a fluted glass with a clear reflector...no big deal. The carbon ferracci cans are nice, see if it has the open lid airfilter
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