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  1. Wow, what a shot. Looks like a painting. What a majestic place!
  2. Ahhh....I see, the Vincent is an Elgi Vincent. Learned something new today!
  3. I keep a couple of live traps in the garage, baited with chocolate. I like the bucket trap! What a great idea. We have a female cat who brings home various parts of rats, gophers and birds just about every day. I don’t like to see the birds, but have no pity for the rodents. When we moved in here—and old lathe and plaster house—rats were running around inside the walls every night. After a couple of weeks the cats put an end to that. Living on an orchard property, I always keep a female cat around (sometimes two) . They are evolutionarily perfected hunters, and sweet pets, too.
  4. Wow. That’s motorbike heaven. And a Vincent, too! I wonder, is the Vincent a daily rider? How’d you get the aerial shot?
  5. What a great and lovely event! Wish I was on your all’s side of the pond. Not a whole lot going on here in SoCal, certainly not as classy as that. Cheers!
  6. Yes the V11 is a sexy beast. Even when they changed to the black frame, they kept wearing the red stilettos.
  7. Living in California, the land of ethanol and sundry corn products, I would love to have a metal tank on my bike. But 10L, I dunno. My bike seems to chug down the Cali gas pretty quick. With 10L I would have to gas up each day to go to and from work, like my friend has to on his Mike Hailwood Ducati. The range is already a bit limited—or perfect for forced breaks—as it is.
  8. These racks and bags come up pretty regularly here in the classified section. Stick around and keep your eyes out! Following what docc says, basically there are pre-2002 red frame V11’s and 2002 and later black frame V11’s.
  9. I believe it goes at the top of the spacer. Once installed it would not be disturbed for future oil and filter changes as only the sump comes off. *by flange I meant the spacer.
  10. I need to do an oil change soon and am likely to install a windage plate above the sump. I know that the sump and flange have paper gaskets, but I have a tube of Hylomar Blue sealant that I am itching to use and am considering adding a bead to the flange gaskets and the windage plate. Long ago I always added a bead of Permatex gasket sealant when I was working on my old Triumph. I think I did this out of habit and to make it easy to put things back together. On the V11 I have just been using fresh gaskets sans any sealant. Are there any places on these bikes that you add sealant to a gasket? W
  11. Yuasa is the in-house brand for many reputable dealers and service shops, fwiw.
  12. I have a V11 with Mistral slip-ons. I live in the Los Angeles area and run Mobil Premium unleaded crappy Cali ethonal gas from my local station, unless I am passing through the Griffith Park area and then I’ll fill up with the 100 octane pump race gas at the Chevron station on the corner of Riverside and Fletcher. It may be 100, but it still has ethonal. The bike seems to enjoy that gas, but it’s pricey and my bike runs pretty good on my local gas. I also put Star-Tron in the tank, it’s readily available, and I love my chainsaw, too. I am assuming that the bike has the factory map and I have n
  13. Well done, Guzzimax! A full house!
  14. Oh Momma! Randy, is that your bike?!?!
  15. Yes, you are deep into the territory! I really want to check out an 8v Griso. The V85 is a great bike for a an adventure bike. I know that small blocks catch some flak in these parts. I have a friend who has one and loves it. I think it will take you where a GS will and if you drop it you can probably pick it up without the help of another riding buddy or two. So, where can I get a green belly pan? That’s awesome!
  16. Well, it ain't a Honda Zook! I know that can also mean a certain lady of a certain character who has been around the block a few too many times...... The bike’s been around the block a few times, hopefully not too many though, an 850 T who’s been been sleeping for awhile and needs to be woken up. I’m hoping a tank of fresh strong coffee will get her up and out the door.
  17. Wow what a great looking Greenie, and what a nice shot! congrats!
  18. Awesome! Thanks, docc. I’ll give it a try: straight Bel Ray in the gear box and the Motul pre-mix in the final drive. Moto-cocktail! Yum!
  19. So, Pete, what would be your carbs of choice for this 850 motor with the big bore kit, assuming that it’s stil the stock small valve heads? thanks
  20. Yeah, Boots and Saddles, and Apple Jacks, too. That’s funny that you mention Neil coming in at his whim and playing. This was happening back in the 70’s, too, as I remember some people I knew who used to play there complaining that Neil would roll in unannounced and basically kick them off so he could play. A lot of my youthful recreational time was spent running around the Skyline, La Honda, Windy Hill area, parties, communes, the good old days. I imagine the plastic wrapped geodesic domes have been replaced with well-manicured over-priced homes. Kids today don’t know what they’re missing!
  21. That sounds great. I hear the weather’s been pretty nice in the Bay Area. LowRyter: was Alice’s open? La Honda was my old stompin’ grounds, many many many moons ago. Wonder what that little place is like now?
  22. That’s interesting. And reassuring! It looks like it is currently available. Had Guzzi adapted the Motul? I thought most of the factory lit that called for a brand called for Agip products.
  23. It’s about time to change the oils in my gear box and final drive, and while surveying the plethora of available oils and considering the factory recommendation to add 20ml of moly to 320ml of oil for the final drive, I came across this Motul 80w-90 mineral gearbox oil that is “reinforced” with moly. https://www.motul.com/us/en-US/products/gearbox-80w90 Has anyone tried this oil? I’m wondering if it will satisfy what the factory calls for, but there is no info on Motul’s site on the ratio of oil and moly or how much moly is contained in one liter of the product. I was going to go wit
  24. I’ve got a buddy with a V85 and a drum brake Eldorado loop frame. He rides the loop the most. He was going to buy a new V7, but when he found and rode the loop he fell in love and passed on the V7.
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