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  1. I think a 180 / 55 rear tyre was stock. I have a 170 / 60 on mine and it works well. I have read that some people enjoy a 160 instead of a 170 for improved handling. I might try a 160 next tyre change.
  2. Changing my oil today, I noticed that the new OEM crush washer for the 17mm drain plug, P/N GU10528900, does not have the nifty little rubber gasket in the center of the washer like the one coming off of the bike. I guess Piaggio is saving money by omitting the rubber center (while charging $5.25 for the washer ). That rubber center gasket is such a good idea! Hmmmmm. What’s up with that?!? I gave it a few good tugs with a 6” socket wrench to seal it. Hopefully it will be as leak-free is the cool rubberized old style. old style is on the left, new style is on the right:
  3. Awesome. Thank you for your detailed explanation and images. I did not understand this scavenging system. I hope the interior of my spine is free of rust, insect carcasses, and the like! I suppose the oil drizzling through there helps keep it clean. Triumph used the large down tube frame member as an oil tank on bikes in the 1970’s, so I guess the appropriation of frames as oil vessels is not uncommon.
  4. Damn you’re good. Thanks, docc! What are those oil lines for, exactly? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vestigiality
  5. Looking at the back of my oil sump pan, there is a large plug screw to the right of the drain plug. The parts catalog shows only the drain plug and the oil line, but not this extra plug. What is this plug for?
  6. That is say that you have gotten 6+ years from it?
  7. Hey docc! Happy New Year, Brother! Is not Yuasa considered the solid standard brand for motorcycle batteries? That’s my impression, hence my enquiry on a Yuasa to replace the BikeMaster that was in the bike (and vanished, without a trace, while leaving behind an empty husk of itself behind!) Is there a good source for the Hawker Odyssey? On Amazon Hawker Odyssey batteries come up, but models other then the PC545, and they are pricey. I don’t know if I would buy a battery from Amazon as I only own a battery tender and don’t want to have buy a proper charger right now to deal with char
  8. Went to start her up yesterday after a week of not riding, and the “BikeMaster” battery is completely gone. Measures 1.3v on my multimeter. It was working fine before I put her away, so it seems kind of weird, but I have no idea how old this battery is. I’m looking to replace it with a Yuasa. Their site shows a YTX15L. The battery mounts laying on its side, so I’m not sure if I need the YTX15L or the YTX15L-BS. I had always thought that “BS” means “battery sealed”, so as not to leak if mounted on its side, but I read that for Yuasa batteries it means “bottle supplied”, i.e., a battery th
  9. An excellent way to begin the new year! Congrats, and welcome aboard!
  10. That’s interesting. From first glance, the top frame tubes on those different bikes had me wondering if there is yet another Guzzi frame family, e.g., the loop frame, Tonti frame, Spine frame.
  11. I saw a Stelvio recently, and I noticed the same wrap around upper frame tubes as with the Griso. At least to my limited experience they looked similar. Do these bikes share the same frame? And what do we call this frame? I’d be interested in hearing about this type of frame, its design and merits. I used to think the Griso was an ugly bike, but I’ve grown to like the look (have not had the pleasure of riding one). The motor is intriguing, as is the frame.
  12. That looks like a great and delicious start to a new year! The snow scene is lovely. Very atmospheric. Do you put the bike away for the season or are you able get some rides in?
  13. Cool! Is this a domestic only product or will they be shipped to us across the pond? Green and cream.....an Italian delicacy!
  14. Very nice! The fairing reminds me of a Bimota. Did you make that?
  15. What a badass! Your jacket really goes great with you silver V11. Very cool!
  16. Mark Etheridge of Moto Guzzi classics has done a few California to 1000S style conversions. They may not be round fin motors, but I think these are Tonti frames? Maybe that’s too new of a base for what you have in mind, but it may be a viable way to go that will yield a solid bike.
  17. Maybe get all your protective gear first. I’ve dodged a few coffee cups in my day. A full face helmet would have come in handy.
  18. Looks like Big Sky Country! And a road-ready Griso.
  19. This is a long running complaint with some members here, but personally I find the V11 stock position pretty good. I have a 2001 red frame, so maybe it’s different from a 2004. I am 6’2”, kind of a lanky build, and once I’m in the bike it’s good. The bars are on clip-on risers, so it’s not an aggressive lean. It’s akin to a Ducati SuperSport or other “gentleman sport bike” / sport-touring rides. It puts you forward enough to lean in and out of the wind a bit. Better for me than a more upright position. As mentioned, the wrist thing is about using your core and thighs and knees. The substantial
  20. Here’s something unusual: a white (post) Christmas in L.A.:
  21. No, it’s a Shoei RF-1200. A basic full face sport helmet. The RF-1200 replaced the RF-1100 and is now being replaced with the RF-1400, so it’s been around for a while with a series of design refinements. I can use my Ray-Ban Wayfarers with it, so I don’t think you’ll necessarily need a modular helmet to wear glasses. I bought it from my local Cycle Gear store, and they had a good selection of helmets. When I was looking at helmets I liked the idea of a helmet that was “hand made” (for the most part) in Japan, rather than cranked-out of a factory in China (Even Bell is no longer made here in t
  22. The Rukka stuff looks really nice. Their prices seem in line with higher end gear. You should have gear that doesn’t get in the way and that you trust and like to ride in for the years to come. If you’re keen on going the bespoke route, in addition to Vanson Leather in MA, there is Langlitz Leathers in OR, and Bates Leathers in CA.
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