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    2004 V11 Ballabio, 2006 R1200RT, 1985 K100RS
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  1. To celebrate the first day of Spring, took "Diana" the Balabio to chase curves around lakess in Colorado. Getting a ride in between snowstorms. Ride safe!
  2. https://denver.craigslist.org/mcd/d/denver-2000-moto-guzzi-v11-sport-price/7249213055.html Consignment dealer in Denver area, they sold my VFR, good experience with them. Happy new year folks!
  3. My Ballabio in the mountains in Northern Colorado, smoke and wildfires cut short the ride. Hope everyone is hanging in there in these strange times, take care. T
  4. An unkown previous owner installed, verified existence when I serviced after purchase. Thanks Mr. Roper, very impressed with with your design and workmanship. Have never seen the light flash /solid when accelerating. Ride safe folks!
  5. Springs arrived in mail. Much thanks to all involved! TW
  6. Hi, Payment sent for two springs. Your effort is much appreciated! TW
  7. Belair would like two, just to be safe. Thanks!
  8. Saw this on Ride Apart website, Kate Murphy shares with world the satisfaction we find keeping our magnificent V11s rolling! https://www.rideapart.com/articles/383032/great-bikes-learn-to-wrench/
  9. Thanks for starting! Mine is Red ZGUKTC0284M111300 located in Northern Colorado, USA.
  10. Happy in the canyons! Love this Ballabio! TW
  11. Will do, the "better" half is my tech support...TW
  12. Hi footgoose, is crash bar still available? Have 04 Ballabio. Thanks! TW
  13. Hello Chuck, yes I would like the shift spring for '04 Ballabio, thanks! TW
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