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  1. Finally got it up on a lift to check the mfg date. It's 2/2000
  2. I couldn't read the date on the headstock as it appears worn down thru the years. I'll double check again. Demons be dammed!
  3. Not sure of the brand and I'm pretty sure I bought them from Twisted Throttle. They took months to arrive.
  4. Reviving this old thread. Its been nearly 18 months since my infamous oiled clutch incident. I know quote a few of you inmates got a laugh from that. I'm pleased to report the bike is finally back on the road with a new clutch and running better than ever. I used the time off road to also replace the hideous red and green bling on the bike with oem parts. I also had my pork chops, which were faded pink repainted. I replaced the battery, air filter, rear brake pads, shift spring, and other misc. items. It looks great and runs fantastic....just in time for spring. The only job remaining
  5. Has anyone experienced other symptoms associated with ethanol and tank damage / expansion? I wonder if the ethanol causes a deformation of the exterior of the tank that is visible to the eye? My silver tank has a minor crease near the point where it converges with the seat and side panel but it has no visible signs of exterior damage. Could this be due to years sitting in storage with ethanol fuel in the tank?
  6. I had a tough time finding a service manual and ended up getting it from New Zealand on ebay. Pls do not ask how much it costs!
  7. I had a good outcome to my 'wet clutch' saga. I was able to plug the small elongated drain hole with a rubber stopper and ran two bottles of mineral spirits through it, shaken not stirred, and topped it off with some brake clean. The bike exhibits no ill effects and I am also now the proud owner of a service manual! Now that all the fluids are properly replaced next up on my baseline service is a new air cleaner, new tires and plugs.
  8. Thanks Guzzisti....i havent pulled the clutch or started the engine. OK dumb question(s). Are you suggesting pouring the mineral spirits into the timing hole and then shake the bike? Which drain hole should I plug?
  9. Oh no. I guess my clutch is screwed?
  10. I decided to change the gear oil on my new to me 2000 V11 Sport. The draining went well aided by a home made funnel. While adding the new gear oil it started leaking profusely. What is going on here? The gear oil is redline heavy: https://photos.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Sport/i-vf4TF75/0/56ba2fc0/S/IMG_20191110_122508-S.jpg I added it here: https://photos.smugmug.com/Motorcycles/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Sport/i-kdwshCf/0/e4acf26a/S/IMG_20191110_122548-S.jpg And this is the leak. I noticed it ASAP above the oil drain plug and it appears a
  11. My Manufacture date was 2/2000 so I'd say its an early V11 an has greater potential to the fading. Thanks for all the feedback!
  12. Noobie here who recently purchased my 2nd V11 Sport. It is a silver 2000 with Magni Fairing , Ferracci pipes and only 2400 miles on the clock. It looks nearly showroom new with no nicks, dents, blemishes, etc. The PO was a Guzzi die hard who had quite a few 70's and 80's big block Guzzi's in his collection. The reason for the post is the one unusual thing about the bike is the red frame above the foot pegs on both sides is faded. This seemed unusual to me considering the overall condition and miles of the bike. Has anyone seen this type fading before? It's a minor thing and not very not
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