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  1. Was it a T3 to an S3 or a T to an S ? T to S3 is a really complicated switch. You not only have to change the swingarm, final drive and rear wheel you have to mount the linked brake master cylinder somewhere and swap the tool boxes to side covers. The S3 is a wonderful bike, but it's also a T3 in a party dress. Same power less torque different riding position same brakes and suspension. Anyway thank you for the welcome although I have been here for some months.
  2. This was on ebay a while back. Obviously it's sold and I don't think it's a sport but it gives you a data point.They are out there you just need to be a bit patient. There is one for sale in aus asking $12k or about $8kUS. Way overpriced. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1997-Moto-Guzzi-/303378768062?hash=item46a2c8a0be%3Ag%3AbOcAAOSwm6xdxYF6&nma=true&si=CRsdgO5pzC7L83d98k%252FTf0WT7aM%253D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  3. 2c. I've had guzzis for almost 30 years now. Before that I had ducatis. I got online in 1990 and on ebay a couple of years after it launched. I watch prices closely all over the world, everywhere I can access ads. It's your bike ask what you want, but you can't force a buyer to pay more than they will. Asking prices are irrelevant if the bike sits on market for months or years and never sells. This is the first mistake sellers make. I watch Last Advertised Price and where I can get it actual sale price. Sellers who never drop their prices annoy me because they just clutter the listings and waste my time, but that's the deal. Occasionally there are a lot more buyers than sellers, like 750S/S3 atm. I know an S3 sold recently in australia for $35kAU. It was immaculate. Traditionally V7 sports have been worth more but so many have come in from the states the later bikes are getting bigger money. Supply/demand shifted. Same thing happened with disc brake eldoradoes about 10 years ago. However far more often it is in balance. Sure guzzis are relatively rare but that's because no one cares. Yep we love them but 90%of riders barely know what they are. T5's are rare, but no one cares. Broadly speaking cars and bikes devalue for about 20 years then start to rise. The V11's are almost there. I'd say prices are flat with "normal"models around that $3500-$5000 in the USA. Concourse examples or particular bikes probably a bit more, scruffy less. This is the cheapest they will ever be. In 5 years they will be a lot dearer and rarer. I'm looking for something in australia to just ride and not worry about. I joined this forum to find out more about the V11's which I quite like, but the few listed here are about double the money and I'm short as so now I'm looking for a jackal/stone/cali special. I had an 1100 sport carb. The only time in my life I wished I had longer legs. I had to sell it, just fr too high. I still think they are the most beautiful bike guzzi ever built and incredible to ride.
  4. Thank you very much for the replies. How does the seat compare with the norge ? I sat on a friend's norge years ago and while it is the same height on paper as the 1100 sport it was far more manageable. Norges are not sought after here and are similar price to a Breva 1100, but I have heard over and over that the 1200 engine is more trouble than the earlier bikes. I like the look of the norge and of course it comes with a stand, but I do prefer naked bikes. I would think a V11 is more exciting to ride... That there was a stand is good news. If I can locate one somewhere I can copy it, and maybe improve the engineering. I love making people's eyes get big when I hoist my round barrel bikes onto their stands without using my hands at all. That center stand was superbly engineered, making up for the hopeless joke that is the side stand Gotta love guzzi, 2 steps forward...
  5. Hi all, I have just registered. I've been reading as much as I could find on the forum and have searched on these questions but I've never been very good at internet searches. The section on model variants was terribly helpful although it is a pity some photos wouldn't load. I have a couple of rattly old guzzis and have been considering buying a later bike. I had an 1100 sport (96, carb) but had to let it go because it was just too tall. I remember when the V11 green/red came out and thought at the time they might fit me a tad better than the sport. I fitted an aftermarket center stand to the sport because really guzzis side stands don't even qualify as decoration.. So I was wondering if anyone had either made an aftermarket stand for the V11 or tried to fit a norge or similar guzzi unit ? Also I recall there was a lower seat for the norge and possibly breva. I was wondering if anyone had explored the possibilities for the V11 ? I've been looking at local ads but would be happy to learn of bikes for sale in Australia and particularly near me here in brisbane. Thank you for reading.
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