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  1. Vic

    Tail Tidy

    Very nice! Why the 4 holes along the bend line,seems like this would make it more prone to cracking along this line?
  2. Looks great! Who makes the lamp/kit? More detail on your install please.
  3. Truly a labor of love,you should be very proud! WELL DONE
  4. Funds sent, Seeing your work as got me interested in powder coating. Year's ago I played around with a HF rig on some gun parts, and was wondering what equipment you use,or recommend .Thanks
  5. Outstanding effort Chuck,two months ago I didn't think there was any chance of ever getting one these. THANK YOU for making it happen!
  6. Small world, very similar one popped-up on E-bay two days ago,listed in Beaverton, with 25k miles. So many bikes,so little time!
  7. Black is fine with me ,thanks for asking.
  8. "Eazy Glide" manual fuel tap mod, now that sounds interesting, Tell me more!
  9. Hi Doc, if you read the article it explains that a small bracket needs to be fabricated to adapt the Centauro lever. This photo kind of shows the mod that is needed ,but isn't really clear. Don't think it's to tuff to fabricate. I'm getting ready to try this set up,but I'm hoping for Chuck's lever extension part to be installed at the same time, not sure how it's going to work out.
  10. Hello,you are not alone in your search for a better riding position for your V11. Here is an article that I found helpful in addressing this problem, http://www.obairlann.net/reaper/motorcycle/guzzi/ergos/ The peg lowering is accomplished by using Centauro foot pegs and levers, seems like a very clean way to go,although these parts are very hard to find. Let us know how you make out on this,and Welcome!
  11. Thanks Chuck! I'm in, PM sent with my address, hopefully we can get enough folks on board to make this happen.
  12. Vic

    Hello Chuck, my address is : Vic Dickinson,  17140 133rd Trail North, Jupiter,  Florida,  33478. 

    Thanks for doing a second batch,  hopefully we can get enough people on board to make it happen. 

    1. Chuck


      Hi, Vic.. you're on the list.

  13. Any update on the progress of the second batch?
  14. The more I study these bikes,the more I like them ,can't say that about a lot of other machines I own ,and there's been a lot! But they are truely addictive ,I'm hooked.
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