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  1. Your lucky to own a set,it's easy for life to get in the way of our hobbies, there's always something that needs our attention before we get to working on the bike. Since you have a set still in the box,any chance that you could post some photos of the individual parts, I'd like to see what would be involved in having the pieces made up locally. This is probably a lot to ask,but if you find the time, it would be a help in determining the scope of a project like this.
  2. Hi Al, thanks for your post and the "Mortratech" page. Like you said there may not be enough interest ,due to the small number of these bikes to make a business out of producing them. But it seems to be a real waste,that all this development and engineering will never be used again. It would be great if at least the drawings were some how beening made available, so that all this work is not just lost. His setup seems to me to be the best answer to the problem of the V11 foot pegs.
  3. Good question, I'd really love to get a set. Maybe if there's enough interest some one with the skills will start making them again. We can only hope.
  4. I have been wanting in install a center stand on my 2000 V11 sport,these stands are rare as hen's teeth. I came across a stand from a Lemans 3, and was wondering if this could be adapted to fix,(this might be a really dumb idea). Looks like the Lemans 3 tire is only 110,where as the V11 is 170, so this in it self might make it impossible. Any input would be appreciated.
  5. I can certainly understand how something like this can get out of hand. When you build a better mouse trap the world will beat a path to your door. Hopeful some time down the road there will be a second batch.
  6. Any chance of a second run on these? As usual I'm a day late and a dollar short. Truly an amazing project, outstanding effort!
  7. Foot goose,Thanks for the info on Emgo mirrors, they look exactly like the FAR mirrors that Guzzi used. Desdinova, the Buell mirrors that you used,are they the one's from their 1125R with the built in turn Signals? Any chance you could post a picture of your setup?
  8. I am looking to see what mirrors will fit,and look right on the V11 lemans fairing. The original mirrors are hard to come by, so I'm hoping to get some idea's on alternatives that other folks have mounted. If you can post any photos of your mirrors, that would be a big help. Thanks!
  9. WOW, Thank you everyone for your input. I appreciate knowing the different ways folks tackle the task of brake fluid replacement. On a couple of my old /6 BMW's I've had the master cylinders freeze up from just sitting, be it Guzzi or BMW, none of these parts are cheap (when comparing to auto parts) so I'm trying to do a better job of doing regular fluid changes. Phil, thanks for the info on the fluid tester, and yet another tool I didn't know that I needed. Great approach to knowing the condition of the fluid, rather then guessing. I will look into getting one. Love this form ,a real wealth of knowledge!
  10. I came across these ,and wondered if anyone has used them,they seem like a great idea. I guess they have been around for a while, but I hadn't heard of them till yesterday. Think I'll give them a try, but I was wondering if anyone else has had any luck with them. Thanks for any input.
  11. Part Found! Thanks to Maxv11 for his help on this!
  12. Hello Stewgnu, thanks for getting back to me. I just found one two days ago. Turns out the guy that Max sold the speedometer to was the same guy that I bought my bike from on E-bay. Really great guy ,Bobby,lives in Oklahoma City,so he's helping me out. Small world!
  13. Hi stewgnu, any chance you have the speedometer/tachometer, mounting plate for the Ballabio, I'm trying to hunt one down.
  14. I'm in the process of mounting a Ballabio fairing on my 2000 sport and I'm missing the plate that the speedometer and tachometer mount into, item 12 in this parts breakdown, anyone have an extra they can sell? Looks like Guzzi p/n GU01764080. (Sorry for the different size fonts)
  15. Vic

    Centauro sport

    Forgot to mention that it's listed on "Craig list", which all you Guzzi hunters probably already figured out.
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