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  1. WANTED: Videos of you/your buddies riding. For use in Youtube video for song “I Want to Ride (Let’s Ride)” 5 sec. max. No $ paid, by submitting video you are waiving any claim to royalty and copyright. (Fame but no fortune) RandyandRetreads@gmail.com
  2. I too am 5" 8" in my old age and find my 2001 Cal. Special top heavy making slow U turns. (Even dumped it once - embarrassing as that was at a Guzzi rally) I have had a Stone rider who was taller than me make the same complaint. I have no problem with seat height and the rear suspension rides nice so not interested in shorter shocks but if you look at the bottom of the engine the rear of the oil pan is at a good height but it angles up to about 8" at the front which is way more than needed for a road bike. I have talked to staff at the two main Guzzi parts stores (Harpers and MG Cycle) and a local Guzzi expert and been told there is nothing I can do to lower the front about 1.5" which is my goal. MAYBE a 1" smaller diameter front wheel if such even exists but that would only lower 1/2" and look bad and affect the handling. I could probably safely raise the fork tubes 1/4" but that would only lower the front of the engine about 2/3 of that distance. Any way to use a shorter fork spring? I am willing to sacrifice an inch or so of travel as i usually am on smooth paved roads. I think one needs to cut the steering neck and lower the rest of the frame before welding it back on a la Orange County Choppers but I am no welder and worry this could suddenly break due to the heat affecting the metal temper and if not done very carefully be vertically "off" . Another idea of mine is to get custom made fork crown and yoke (or modify the stock ones) to allow tubes to sit higher up yet retain the stock rake and trail but this sounds very expensive. But if there is anyone out there who has the equipment and expertise let me know. This is my only complaint about this excellent bike, plus with the low rider seat and high pillion seat riding my 5''8" gal pal around I never feel at ease as that is a higher COG at the back of the bike. If I raise the seat height to catch up to her then I can't put both feet firmly on the ground. Rand M
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