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  1. Pease send me pictures and prices to larrychiappellone@gmail,com
  2. How do we access the pictures? I'm interested in the Daytona RS windscreen.
  3. Hi Tom I sent you a message about the exhaust with my phone number. let me know if you received it
  4. Hi Phil Do you have the Moto Guzzi part number for the fairing.
  5. Hi lucky phil If your small fairing fits a 2000 sport i would like to buy it. could you call me at 707-888-3470
  6. Hi Lucky Phil     I'm not sure this is the right way to contact you. But if your small fairing fits a 2000 sport i'm interested in buying it. Could you please call me at 707-888-3470

    1. Lucky Phil

      Lucky Phil

      Hi red lion, I'm in Australia. Send me an email and I'll return you some images. It will fit a 2000 V11 Sport.



  7. Hi -Gio I would be glad to pay the shipping cost to send the flyscreen. Thanks Larry
  8. Hi Gio I sent you a message, Please let me know if you received it. Thanks Red Lion
  9. I"m new to the forum and not sure how to send you a PM. I think I did it correctly and hope you received it. Red Lion
  10. Will you sell just the color matched flyscreen? If you will do you have the hard wear. Thanks Larry
  11. red lion

    red lion

  12. will you sell the OEM bikini fairing? If yes for how much. My email is larrychiappellone@gmail.com
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