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  1. Thanks for all the help guys!!!!
  2. I used a cup wrench to tighten the filter. Ok I"ll drain the oil then pull the filter out and remove the extra gasket .Do you check the oil with the dip stick screwed in or not?
  3. So I will only lose the oil in the filter. not the other 3 quarts in the sump?
  4. Thanks Docc I just went out and looked at the old filter and there is no gasket on it. when I take the oil filter back out now with oil in the bike will a lot of oil drain out?
  5. I just changed the oil and oil filter on my 2001 v11 Rosso Mandello. After adding 3 quarts-8oz With bike upright and dip stick in but not screwed in it registered full after start up. After running a bit the oil light is still on. I have changed the oil in the passed but don"t remember the light staying on. Dose it take time to go off or should I not ride it?
  6. Let the insurance company total the bike, get the money then buy the bike back from the insurance company for near nothing.Then have the bike fixed and you will have a lot of money left .
  7. Can someone tell me where the engine number is located on a 1997 1100 sport? Also did they come with a EPA sticker?
  8. Pease send me pictures and prices to larrychiappellone@gmail,com
  9. How do we access the pictures? I'm interested in the Daytona RS windscreen.
  10. Hi Tom I sent you a message about the exhaust with my phone number. let me know if you received it
  11. Hi Phil Do you have the Moto Guzzi part number for the fairing.
  12. Hi lucky phil If your small fairing fits a 2000 sport i would like to buy it. could you call me at 707-888-3470
  13. Hi Lucky Phil     I'm not sure this is the right way to contact you. But if your small fairing fits a 2000 sport i'm interested in buying it. Could you please call me at 707-888-3470

    1. Lucky Phil

      Lucky Phil

      Hi red lion, I'm in Australia. Send me an email and I'll return you some images. It will fit a 2000 V11 Sport.



  14. Hi -Gio I would be glad to pay the shipping cost to send the flyscreen. Thanks Larry
  15. Hi Gio I sent you a message, Please let me know if you received it. Thanks Red Lion
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