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  2. The M.G. factory ran a water cooled 1100 at Daytona in 2005 in the Battle of Twins F1 race and beat all of the water cooled Ducati's. It out pulled everything on the track with it's huge torque and power. The radiator was the size of a car's. Sadly the factory did not follow through with a production version. This factory BOT F1 bike did not have the extra strut bracing from the lower engine to the swing arm pivots that we did, so the bike wobbled badly in the East high bank but still won because of the power to pull away. The Bilabio that I bought later (still have) has similar rear bracing, but the Lemans did not. At Daytona we shared the same garage bay with the water cooled MG factory bike. Our Stan Friduss bike with Josef Brenner riding won F2 both days as we did in 2004 when we set a track record in BOT F2.
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