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  1. Western Us indeed! I hope I see them rumbling by! Then I’ll start to cry! Too much work.. not enough Guzzi/mistral Muzak!!
  2. Hello Malcolm, it’s newell here, I have the Tkc 70 tires on my old bmw gs . Always used to runMetzler tires until I noticed they are now made in China!( isn’t everything? ) nice chunky, but smooth tread. Initially the front tire looked to tb about 2/3 depth of the rear, but I haven’t noticed any issues since I bought them. The last set of conti/attack street tires were very good as well and they are still made in Germany. Hope that helps,Malcolm. Thanks for shipping the rack and bags to me!
  3. hey luv the mammynuns!!!!fz rules!!!

  4. Holy schnikies! That nice!
  5. I loved that oddball Muzak! Driving!Driving!Driving! On the autobahn!(translate)
  6. Me too, considering my new paint scheme, anyone got a paint code ?
  7. Hey I know that road! It’s less than an hour from my garage!
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