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  1. Still some parts for sale. I am moving at the end of the month and would like to be rid of these parts! Here's whats left Exhaust silencers - one is good the other is dented and damaged One Mid pipe for exhaust air box covers rear cowling - cracked but may be repairable... air box assembly I think that is it....I'll double check in the shop
  2. Ok, got my new RPM gauge. I can set what they call the "Stroke Setting" which is how many sparks per revolution. The V11 is 1 spark per revolution correct? There are 8 different modes I can set this device to calculate the proper RPM as seen in the chart I placed below. The lead simply wraps around one of the ignition coil spark plug leads. I am assuming to put the device on the 1P1R mode...but have been wrong before Thanks guys, you all kick ass.
  3. Sweet, yeah I'll have two separate gauges now but the RPM one is pretty small and discreet. I should have just ordered a trail tech Vapor gauge at this point haha. Thanks mate
  4. I ordered a trailtech RPM gauge that I’ll mount up for the time being. Simply just wraps around one of the ignition coil wires and can set firing sequence.
  5. So as @docc mentioned the yellow/black wire lead is the RPM/tach wire. I test it with my digital meter in the OHMs rating and it put out some numbers...so I am assuming its working haha. I do think this is not working due to the speedometer not accepting its reading. I think my cheapo speedo/tach setup is meant to go into one of the coils power sides but this doesn't appear to work either. I tried the red/black wire and the green wire from one of the coils plugs. So, for now I will leave off the tachometer function. I'll just stare at blank numbers and the speed until I can swap it out with something else!
  6. Yes, well I believe so haha. The bike game in boxes lol the tach I got is a cheapo off amazon. Didn’t have a lot to splurge on unfortunately. But you may be correct as is may not pickup the signal this V11 is putting out...
  7. Ok, my model is a 2003 so I’ll have to dig into this more I suppose. I’m so close too! The bike starts right up and runs great though!
  8. Hi all I am nearing the end of my wiring up the V11. I have sold the stock gauges and are using a single speedo with a built in tacho. Does anyone know what color wire is for the tacho to have it function? I have used a digital speedo in the past and the lead connects to the positive side of the coil. I tried this on the Guzzi but it was a no go. I am assuming the red/black wire coming from one of the coils is the positive and the green wire if I recall should be ground? I also tried connect the lead directly to the coil wire but it made the bike short out or something, it ran rough lol. I have read and seen a member install a Koso gauge and he said he used a Yellow/Black wire? I have that which is a stand-alone water proof plug which is connected to my new tacho now but still isn’t working. Any info would be great! thx
  9. Ok, thanks for the info. I would assume to reduce against a spark, or shorting situation?
  10. Hi all, quick question as I am putting the harness back into my V11 frame soon. If I recall and from what I see in the first pic there is a ground wire that attaches to the ECU correct? Is this essential or 100% necessary? I just want to make sure all will be good on startup. Can anyone elaborate on why the ECU is grounded? Thanks!
  11. Nice mate! I love LED lights, much less voltage needed with such greater output. I have a new 7" LED headlight with amazing Hi/LO output paired up with the bar end LED signals and a new DRC Flex-1 LED taillight!
  12. Great news, I received my Led flasher relay today. Highly recommended! It was $11 and works great. It has a grounding wire that is needed but can be attached to battery or frame. It's a bit loud but you won't hear it over the motor. Works perfectly for my LED bar end signals! Here's da link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01GIU9M0Y/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  13. Brining this back instead of making a new thread...I am installing bar end turn signals so no longer have a front/rear setup. Obviously, the signal just comes on and does not flash. I have on order an LED flasher relay that I am hoping will work. Ive switched a lot of vintage bikes to LED signals with these aftermarket relays and have done a few resistor installs but does the Guzzi use anything from the stock speedometer setup I should be aware of? I am no longer using the stock gauges and have a small digital aftermarket one in place. I de-pinned the main bulk connector for all my new items. Thanks for any info!
  14. Yeah, it appears to be. I wonder if a guy could make a new motor mount setup that hugged the motor down near the oil pan instead..idk! I guess just do your best to keep the beast upright!
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