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  1. Right on mate, best of luck. I have a mate in Italy that may be able to help? I can shoot you over the links he sent me. Looks like two v11's being sold for parts.
  2. Hi all! Does anyone happen to know what the bar/PSI rating is on the in tank style fuel pumps? My 2003 V11 Ballabio brittle quick disconnect fittings are broken, the red and white ones on the pump plate. I’m having the pump plate machined to accept new threaded fittings. I’ve done this in the past with great results on another project. I am also going to install new inline 5/16 fuel line quick disconnects but don’t want to get some that cannot handle the psi of the injection system. I see some steel ones that look sweet but at $40 per that’s a tad high. There’s also cheap plastic ones but don’t want to cause a burst! Any info would be great! cheers max
  3. Big thanks to @footgoose I emailed AF1 Racing, Ed confirmed with me they have one left in stock here in the US. I just ordered it. Brand new for $150...This was cheaper then some of the quotes I was getting for welding my broken one. Good piece of mind to know it's properly fixed and replaced. Now, to sell my take off parts to recoup damages haha. Now, we still need to find one for @Steve S Cheers!
  4. Ok good info, thanks! The tail fairing is a dark gray...almost black color. I need to figure out how to scale down my images to less than .2mb for here.
  5. Nice find mate, still damn pricey plus shipping and import but may be the ticket. I have a friend in Italy who found on a website two V11's being parted out! He is going to contact the seller for me and see what they'd like as well. Cheers
  6. My apologies. This model as frame mount headlamp and instrument cluster. A big cast bracket that is bolted to the main frame. I edited it. Thanks mate for letting me know! Still new to this 😉
  7. Hi all, I am rebuilding a 2003 V11 Ballabio. I have quite a handful of take off parts I will not be re-using. The bike was laid down so some plastics are scuffed. Here is what I have and I can send you pics or will try and update this as soon as possible. I am located in Washington State, US. I am happy to international ship at your cost of course but would like to get rid of these parts! Shoot me a PM with your contact info and I can get you some parts and details! One stock exhaust can with bracket Headlight Headlight Housing Headlight bracket Rear taillight Seat Rear plastics (cowl, fairing, etc..) cracked windshield stock handlebars Speedometer Passenger rearsets Subframe battery tray air intake system Valve cover (damaged from spill) may be repairable front fender
  8. Nice find, I'll shoot them an email!
  9. Thanks for checking mate, I can contact those two places you mentioned and see if they have hands on one..now two perhaps.
  10. I believe I saw this as well and considered it for a split second...then closed that tab lol.
  11. Sorry for the news mate. I wish I had access to a 3d scanner and could have someone aluminum print us them! Would honestly be cheaper than getting a used one...that's already broken haha.
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