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  1. Riding it home from work yesterday I was coming up a straight stretch and a fellow was checking his mailbox ahead. He was staring at it sort of puzzled like and watched it all the way past him. I don't think he quite grasped a scooter going by him at 60 mph and making a BRRRR noise. I've got a Malossi muffler that came with it that's supposed to be a bit louder, got to check it out.
  2. This one is a 500cc. It gets up and goes!
  3. Yep, this happened. https://photos.app.goo.gl/uiGrG5QnLyfB3WtE9
  4. From non-Guzzi Clan folks: "They still make Moto Guzzis?"
  5. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/112760168737769/?hoisted_items=753851178949157
  6. Hepco & Becker luggage set and rack for V11. $250 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/112760168737769/?hoisted_items=753851178949157
  7. Randy

    Lifting the V11

    Hey, you found bag racks for it. Where'd they come from?
  8. "Your bike only has one neutral?"
  9. I purchased on of the Grimeca's from Ebay and it's worked out fine. Brembo actually sold the rights to this model to Grimeca so it is pretty much the same other than color.
  10. I had a Motion Pro using mercury that worked well but then it got to where you couldn't get mercury any longer. Purchased the blue fluid version and still could not get a good balance even with calibrating it, etc. Bought one of these and never looked back: http://www.carbtune.com/carbdtls.html
  11. I'm running this in the Coppa: https://www.royalpurple.com/product/hps-high-performance-street-motor-oil/ Silicon = 7 ppm (anti-foaming agent in new oil, but in used oil, certain gasket materials and dirt can also add to this number), Boron = <5 ppm (detergent/dispersant), Magnesium = 46 ppm (detergent/dispersant), Calcium = 3626 ppm (detergent/dispersant), Barium = <1 ppm (detergent/dispersant), Zinc = 1774 ppm (anti-wear), Phos = 1347 ppm (anti-wear), Moly = 189 ppm (anti-wear), Potassium = 11 ppm (anti-freeze inhibitor), Sodium = 2 ppm (anti-freeze inhibitor), TBN = 10.2 (Total Base Number is an acid neutralizer to prevent corrosion.)
  12. Randy


  13. Well, after finding a second Bronze Norge that the owner sold out from under me three days before I was scheduled to pick it up, I've became a bit gun shy of that color (bad mojo). So, this one is purchased and on the way home next week. 2013 model.
  14. Anyone know what the closest paint match to the original is on the valve covers? Mine is starting to flake a little.
  15. https://edmond-ok.americanlisted.com/motorcycles-parts/2004-moto-guzzi-v11-lemans-coppa-italia_26996117.html
  16. Okay, I've got a friend (not me!) looking at purchasing a 2000 Jackal that has been sitting in a guy's basement for 7 years. Besides a gummed up fuel system what else do you think would need to be fixed? Seals?
  17. ST3 is in a totally different class, more like a comfortable sport bike with luggage hung on as an afterthought. Quicker turning and peppier. The Norge is like a Griso with full fairings. Solid handling but not built for tight twisties at speed, nice torque from low on rpm's. Drop it down two gears and the acceleration for passing, etc is perfectly fine.
  18. Yes, she is very happy in the 5000 and up range.
  19. This round I'm looking for the full faired tourer, Stelvio is out there eventually for my dual purpose.
  20. That's it. Photos don't do the color justice, you really have to see it. It's not gold, not champagne, Lisa described it as a fawn color.
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