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  1. I used one of those infrared thermometers, read the valve cover, cylinder heads above the exhaust pipe, and the pipes. No crossover in front, just an "X" in the middle and then the mufflers.
  2. I wish I understood that better, it's all Greek to me. I'm sure a comprehensive tuning would wake up the beast.
  3. ??? The firing order is 1-2-1-2, evenly spaced. 90 degree v twins have perfect primary balance, unlike that American brand.
  4. I did replace all the rubber boots but I haven't checked the balance screws yet. Weekend project.
  5. After removal and replacement it appears okay, no noticeable drag tight or loose. This is a great place.
  6. 2002 V11 Lemans. After an hour ride I thought I'd check the cylinder temperature, and the left was about 50 F hotter than the right. Didn't notice any running problems, power seemed smooth, but this was the first real ride on the bike. Is this a tuning issue? Bike has Guzzi headers and aftermarket crossover and mufflers. It had a Power Commander III when it came to me but I've removed it. Previous owner had installed it along with the pipes. I've been reading about the tuning procedures using cables and a laptop with Guzzidiag. Not a computer savvy guy so it's a little scary to contemplate reprogramming the ECU. I have no complaints about how she runs, but I have no baseline to compare. Any suggestions for my next steps?
  7. Little to no lateral play, no room for a washer, but now it's smooth with very little slop. Thanks for the input.
  8. Found the problem: the bolt threads into the sub frame, the nut is a lock nut to secure the bolt in place. Never mind, just learning.
  9. I removed the nut but no movement, the shift lever moves the same with the bolt tight or loose.
  10. 2002 V11 Lemans, wanted to clean and lube the shift lever bushings as part of general servicing while the swingarm is off. The bolt spins but won't come out. The head protrudes about 3.5mm from the pork chop and won't go in further. Tried to tap it out with a brass mallet, no movement in either direction. I've put liquid wrench on the bolt and lever, no help. The shifter moves up and down okay, a little wobble at the inside end but no bind or stiffness. Any suggestions, or just leave it alone? I hate the idea of just beating on it until it's loose or breaking something.
  11. I rode it about 10 miles, only up to about 50mph, didn't notice any shake, but I'm going to replace it anyway. I'm learning a lot about these machines from this project, and I like how they are relatively simple and straightforward to work on.
  12. I cleaned out the grease before trying to reassemble it, the splines bound up about halfway in.
  13. The bend is noticable when you rotate the back wheel, maybe a eighth inch out of round. I found one at a shop that I ordered. Also noticed when I torque down the axle, the wheel is harder to turn than when the nut is loose. Normal or something else to worry about? The swingarm is a snug fit between the pork chops, doesn't bind but zero clearance. I miked the pivot pins on both sides before dismantling, but there's no side to side play so why'd I have to mike the pins if there's no adjustment to be made?
  14. I noticed when changing the rear wheel, that it spins easier when the axle nut is loose, and is stiffer to turn when torqued down. Am I doing something wrong? Did I miss something during reassembly? It looks like I have everything in the proper place, according to the parts diagram.
  15. My 2002 lemans drive shaft has a wobble when turning and the splines were binding so that it wouldn't come apart. Had to use a scissor jack to separate them. Splines are fine, well greased, but would only slide together halfway before binding. Turns out it is bent, hence the bind. I did some judicious sanding and filing and now it has full travel. I went on a short ride and didn't notice any shake from the possible imbalance. It must be stated that I have never ridden the bike before, it was very not running when I got it, stored outside in the elements for several years and in need of serious attention. So now my question: what should I do about it? Try to get it straightened, replace it, or leave it? The misalignment is noticeable when turning though I have not miked it to see how far out it is. If it can't be straightened, does someone have a replacement? I want to sell it but I'm not comfortable with it as is. Thanks in advance for any input.
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