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  1. I am reacquainting myself with a 2003 Lemans, a bike I had owned from 2004 to 2011 and regrettably sold. This year I became very ill and during my recovery I decided I wanted to ride that bike again, and I acquired one a lovely black Lemans from Arizona. I remembered spending lots of time and money sorting out the ergonomics on my earlier bike and realized I had to do the same on this one. This weekend I installed Apex bar risers, which, after hours of fiddling, worked perfectly. As for the seat (I had a Rich Maund seat on my earlier Lemans, but he's retired now), it still needs improvement,
  2. Got it right. Thanks for your responses, especially Lucky Phil, who kept me from doing something dumb.
  3. Excellent -- thank you. I put it back to rights after dinner, and by keeping the clip-on clamps below the triple clamp and extending the bar post all the way up (4"), was able to get the rise I wanted, keep the stock hoses and cables, and not worry about disturbing the front end. Will post photos tomorrow.
  4. Yes, good thought, but I couldn't get that to work with the right bar, and don't want to switch out cables and hoses. Maybe I'll have to...
  5. How do you insert more photographs than the limit of 0.2MB allows?
  6. At 61 I can endure my Lemans riding position for one hour but not three. I checked out all the bar riser options and chose the Apex 4" Riser Clip-On Set @ $269 delivered. They seemed to offer adjustments in every dimension, with the possibility that I would not have to change any hoses, cables, or lines. I first tried the Apex clamps on top of the triple clamp plate without changing the position of the clamp on the forks. The left side went perfectly, but the right side throttle cable wouldn't reach that far. I then pulled the triple clamp and placed the Apex riser clamps beneath the plate, re
  7. Thank you, footgoose. Very helpful. I sent a note to MPH to see if their risers are still available. Could you tell me why the stock bars wouldn't fit other risers? When you mention similar styles, could you give me some examples?
  8. I acquired a lovely '03 V11 Lemans after a long layoff from riding. I had owned the same year and model Lemans in my 40s, sold it, and determined in my 60s it was the bike I most loved and wanted back. I'm older now and the reach to the bars is fine for one hour of riding and pure agony for three hours. I would like to raise the bars, and have looked at many options (below). 1) Please tell me if I missed any good choices (I realize much has been written on the topic, and I have read the past posts). I am open to any option including replacing with standard handlebars; 2) I would lik
  9. Finished lowering the pegs as milar outlined above. The increased leg room is perfect. I had a little trouble getting the brake pedal to move freely while holding the peg tight, but worked it out with the addition of a nut right up against the peg mount. I ordered and received spacers to fill out the inner diameter of the brake pedal. They fit over the M10 bolt and very nearly (maybe 1mm shy, a little play) make up the gap. The only drawback of the new arrangement is shifting up, as the shifter lever is too high and I can't shift without removing my foot from the peg (a lot of false neut
  10. Thank you, po18guy. It worked. At least I have the bike back to the way it was before I started fiddling with the pegs. Brian
  11. Apologies for a newbie question -- I removed the rear brake pedal and the brake actuating rod came free of the master cylinder. Please tell me what's involved in reinserting it. Do I need new seals? Rebuild kit? Brian
  12. The bolt size is Flat Socket Head Screw A2 SS - M10 x 1.50 x 80M. I think you'll also need a spacer -- 10mm ID, 15mm OD, 20mm long. Can find one, still looking.
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