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  1. Thank you, footgoose. Very helpful. I sent a note to MPH to see if their risers are still available. Could you tell me why the stock bars wouldn't fit other risers? When you mention similar styles, could you give me some examples?
  2. I acquired a lovely '03 V11 Lemans after a long layoff from riding. I had owned the same year and model Lemans in my 40s, sold it, and determined in my 60s it was the bike I most loved and wanted back. I'm older now and the reach to the bars is fine for one hour of riding and pure agony for three hours. I would like to raise the bars, and have looked at many options (below). 1) Please tell me if I missed any good choices (I realize much has been written on the topic, and I have read the past posts). I am open to any option including replacing with standard handlebars; 2) I would like as much increase in rise and setback as possible without replacing hoses, as my mechanical skills and ambitions are limited. I would also like to use the stock bars; 3) My current preference is Tarozzi clip-ons (http://www.fastfromthepast.com/56-0021). Would this setup work with the stock bars? Any idea whether the maximum rise (70mm) would require replacing hoses? 4) Is there a difference mechanically or in handling in placing the clip-ons above or below the triple clamp? Is there a good step-by-step guide for installation? My thanks for your patience and wisdom. Brian https://www.woodcraft-cfm.com/product/3-inch-clip-on-riser-assembly https://www.apexmfg.com/all-products/apex-clip-ons/apex-3-riser-clipon-set https://convertibars.3dcartstores.com/Moto-Guzzi-V11-Lemans-Bike-Specific-Kit_p_200.html http://www.discovolantemoto.co.uk/Tommaselli-multi-adjustable-clipons http://www.discovolantemoto.co.uk/Tarozzi-adjustable-clipons-semi-high http://www.fastfromthepast.com/56-0034 https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2916 https://www.stein-dinse.biz/product_info.php?language=sc&products_id=3116#prettyPhoto
  3. Finished lowering the pegs as milar outlined above. The increased leg room is perfect. I had a little trouble getting the brake pedal to move freely while holding the peg tight, but worked it out with the addition of a nut right up against the peg mount. I ordered and received spacers to fill out the inner diameter of the brake pedal. They fit over the M10 bolt and very nearly (maybe 1mm shy, a little play) make up the gap. The only drawback of the new arrangement is shifting up, as the shifter lever is too high and I can't shift without removing my foot from the peg (a lot of false neutrals). Is the shifter angle adjustable? I'm happy to send you my extra hardware (two extra long M10 bolts for the right side, plus nine sets of spacers. PM me with your mailing address, no charge.
  4. Thank you, po18guy. It worked. At least I have the bike back to the way it was before I started fiddling with the pegs. Brian
  5. Apologies for a newbie question -- I removed the rear brake pedal and the brake actuating rod came free of the master cylinder. Please tell me what's involved in reinserting it. Do I need new seals? Rebuild kit? Brian
  6. The bolt size is Flat Socket Head Screw A2 SS - M10 x 1.50 x 80M. I think you'll also need a spacer -- 10mm ID, 15mm OD, 20mm long. Can find one, still looking.
  7. I ordered a Flat Socket Head Screw A2 SS - M10 x 1.50 x 80M to replace the right side bolt. I slipped a thin nut between the peg mount and the shifter so I could tighten the peg without tightening the brake pedal. So far, so good. I discovered the new arrangement also needs a 10mm (interior) x 15mm (exterior) x 20mm (length) spacer to fit the brake pedal over the bolt. One question -- now the rear brake doesn't seem to want to return to the "up" position. In other words, unless I slip my right toe beneath the lever, the brake pedal will remain down. Loss of hydraulic pressure? Or did I miss a spring somewhere? I returned the brake to normal (without the peg bolted on) and it still does not return. Please advise. Eager to ride (first time this year).
  8. Love this adjustment! I'm wondering if you could tell me the size, length, and type of different bolt needed to replace the now too short bolt on the right side. How do you ensure the shifter can move freely when the new bolt is tightened? Thanks, Brian
  9. Almost twenty years ago I saw a bike (V11 Lemans Tenni) on the cover of a popular motorcycle magazine and I thought, "that is the most beautiful motorcycle I've ever seen." I was riding a BMW R1100R at the time, quite a good bike, but something about the Guzzi caught and stayed with me. I found, and bought a red 2003 V11 Lemans in Kentucky, and rode it happily for years. I decided I need something for the mountain twisties where I'd later moved (not understanding the limitation was the rider and not the machine) and I bought a KTM 990 SMT. Now in my 60s and not well, I looked back and realized I'd never had as happy a relationship with a bike in my life as with my V11 Lemans. Last week I sold the KTM, an amazing bike on its own, and bought a 2003 Lemans from Arizona. It's being shipped in a week or so to me in New Hampshire. It feels like reuniting late in life with a first love -- I don't know why I ever left her. I'll have some questions for the forum I'm sure once the bike arrives, but for now I'm so happy just looking forward to it. Big thanks to Bruce, the seller, who has been great to deal with. Here's a picture --
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