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  1. Driveshaft lubing today. Got to hear that satisfying squidg sound of grease squeezing out of the front U-joint
  2. The bike was pretty new-to-me at the time, the canister came off soon afterwards. Gotta say, I liked the toaster oven on the lower right side. One friend thought the muffler came off a rooftop HVAC unit, but I liked it, a conversation starter. I kept the bike fairly stock, ProTaper handlebar etc., sold it a couple of years later, I was fickle in my youth. The model moved to Montreal and stays connected via Linkedin. That's all I know.
  3. Back in '09, a photog friend wanted to shoot some bike pics -- with "girls" -- so he lined up an aspiring model and my '07 Griso 1100. Wish I still had that bike ... and wish I, uhm, ... . Nice pic of the bike, IMO: Looking the other way, less natural light, more clothing:
  4. whynot

    Mille GT?

    Is the Mille GT a "good" bike? Strong points? Weak points? There's one for sale near me at $2800 USD -- seems reasonable to me. What to look for? Parts availability? (I don't care for pod air filters, but otherwise it looks complete from what I can see so far.) Thanks, any pointers and comments appreciated, Kurt =========================================================================================================== "1990 Moto Guzzi Mille GT ยท Driven 43,000 miles Selling a Moto Guzzi Mille in very nice shape. Gone through by a local Guzzi mechanic last year. New parts include: NOS Tank and petcocks Rear shocks Tires Coils and spark plug wires Battery Regulator/Rectifier Brakes rebuilt Mayer Seat Touring screen and Givi racks and bags are available Local in person sales only but local delivery available. Price is firm."
  5. Thanks. That's the Shirley Meeting House in Shirley MA, a stopping point in one of my local ride loops. http://www.shirleymeetinghouse.org/ https://goo.gl/maps/cLv2SqAFmNTTDzwK8 Thursday was pretty warm for November, 64F, and the roads clear, so I took one more 2020 ride before winter fix-up time ... tank-off service, driveshaft service, and so on ... .
  6. You're welcome, Gerhard, and it was no trouble, finding a good box for it was the biggest challenge, and I had one. Now I am prepared if and when someone buys the Mistral. Next stop, eBay I live just outside of Boston, there is quite some traffic at times, so I have to pick the right time to escape -- usually I head to western Massachusetts. The New England area has been in a drought since late spring, great for riding, not so great in other respects. With regard to the plague, I have had to change my riding plans to avoid crowds, so I pack food, water, and coffee on the bike and head for some scenic and peaceful spot, or meet a friend and ride. Yesterday I rode the Multistrada about 200 miles on back roads (two-lane blacktop) -- the Duc more storage space for supplies and for clothing layers what with changing weather and temperature. Keep riding! Kurt PS -- a great resource for riding in the Northeast: https://www.newenglandriders.org/b-o-n-e/
  7. PM sent with shipping estimate ...
  8. Hello, Gerhard, I will pack it up, measure, and weigh, and get some shipping estimates (rather than guess). Will come back later today/tonight. Thanks for your interest, Kurt
  9. Thanks. I got a good deal on the bike, plus some extras, from Tom M, and I wanted to pass it on ... -Kurt
  10. As far as I know, it's this one: https://www.mgcycle.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=26_95&products_id=1686 "Mistral crossover V11 Sport and V11 LeMans with no lambda port" HTH ...
  11. Pics should appear now in the OP ...
  12. *SOLD* Selling this Mistral crossover that came with the 2002 LeMans that I bought from a forum member (Tom M) in June. Not planning to use it. $200 USD plus actual cost of shipping from 02474. PayPal. PS -- Tom M told me that he had the pipe ceramic coated.
  13. I have a 2002 Le Mans red & gray acquired just last week, the bike is well sorted with many extras and upgrades, has 51K miles. Now sorting the paper work to get it on the road. My previous Guzzi was a 2007 Griso 1100, and I frequented the Guzzi Tech forum. Hoping there will be an IMOC meet (Sturbridge MA) this year ... Kurt
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