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  1. Thank you all for the information. I believe my V11 can shift better than it currently does without the need for a careful toe preload. More to follow!
  2. Hello Gents, I've had my V11 for about 6 months now (04' Coppa with around 8k miles if the re-built speedo is accurate). Love it but have only ridden limited miles b/c we hit the winter season. All fluids changed minus the fork oil. Runs strong. Shifts marginally and requires the "pre-load" technique during spirited riding. A forum member had suggested this technique after I wrote about my first riding impressions and getting stuck between gears in what I assume is considered a "false neutral." If I don't intentionally pre-load the toe shifter before clicking into gear, the bike will so
  3. daviscr5

    Tank bag

    I recently found this combo on the European Hepco Becker site. 2 parts: tank ring and compatible bag. You can order these items on www.motomachines.com tank ring: https://www.motomachines.com/hepco-becker-lock-it-tank-ring-moto-guzzi-v11-models bag: https://www.motomachines.com/hepco-becker-royster-tank-bag
  4. I'd really like to attend too. Based on that video that was shared on an earlier thread about the 40 or so Australians that shipped their Guzzis to Italy, it looks like a major PITA and a significant time commitment. There must be Guzzis to rent but I'm sure you need to book early.
  5. Cool bike Swooshdave. I see you're in Portland. I'm in Bend. When this damn virus clears and things open up, I can't wait to go visit Portland and check out See See coffee on my V11. Looks like a cool place!
  6. Thanks for sharing. What an epic trip! A pilgrimage to Mandello is most certainly on my 5-year list. I'm probably not committed enough to ship my bike, but I'm sure I can find a rental:).
  7. daviscr5


    That's near Guzzi perfection. Beautiful bike.
  8. Thank you Docc! I didn't consider that and will test it next time she's refusing to start:).
  9. thanks docc. I didn't know about that potential issue and will check it out.
  10. Interesting. I've had the same issue with my V11 Coppa when warmed up. Then again, sometimes I have starting issues at cold start-up. I turn the key, depress the starter and nothing. I repeat a few times, then it eventually starts perfectly. I also had this issue after re-fueling and had to pull away from the island, remove the seat, jimmy the relays around, then it started right up. My issue is intermittent but similar. I've never noticed them begin warm, but then again I've never thought about it. I also believe my relays are original, or at least I've never replaced them.
  11. A quick update. I received my speedo back from Joel Levine this afternoon. Prior to shipping he explained that the V11 speedo is a Chinese replica of a basic Japanese speedo but made with cheap materials. Apparently there is/was a Chinese factory in Italy manufacturing these IT speedos. He rebuilds the Guzzi speedos with refurbished Japanese parts. Long story short, I reinstalled and it appears to be running fine following a spirited 20 minute ride. So all good on the speedo front. Also, the trip meter knob sold on MG Cycles is a perfect OEM fit where mine was broken. Now to solve the interm
  12. Wise words spoken by a true sage. Funny, I took the Strom out this afternoon for an off-road excursion with a buddy who was on a Tiger 800. It may not excel at anything in particular, but it does a pretty damn good job at just about everything. I can't get rid of it... Now to find the right Duc that complements the stable:).
  13. It's all good. I'll have a backup[emoji4] Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  14. Thank you for the generous offer! I may very well PM you later in the fall to try and coordinate a little shop time. Funny you have a Duc multi too. I've had a few phone calls with the guys up at Motocorsa regarding a deal on a 950S multi. I'm really tempted to sell my faithful little Strom for a multi but haven't been able to mentally get there yet. I'd like to know more about your Duc experience/impressions. I'm currently waiting on my speedo to arrive so I can get the V11 back on the road. Of course I screwed up 2 cylinder head threads (or they may have already been screwed up) when repla
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