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  1. Wonderful responses above. An introspective question for sure. Although I recall admiring the brand from a distance, I didn't know much about Guzzis. They seemed expensive, had a poor dealer network, and had a spotty reputation for reliability as far as I recalled. That all changed in 2010 when I bumbled into AF1 Racing in Austin, TX. The shop was magic. They had Guzzis, Aprilias and a wide range of Vespas. Somehow, there was a leftover, fresh-from-the crate 2007 Griso on the sales floor. Red of course. They also had a Griso demo bike. Jon encouraged me to take the demo bike for a test ride and I was hooked shortly after shifting out of the parking lot. It was the most glorious, visceral, connected bike I had ever ridden. The sound, the vibes, the agricultural shifting - it was all perfect. I even remember how good the bike smelled...Yes, they even have an aroma. Until then, I had owned several Hinckley Triumphs and a handful of UJMs. NOTHING created emotion like that Griso. Upon return to the dealer, I promptly sealed a deal on the leftover 07'. I kept it for a few years, mistakenly sold it to a gentleman in TN, experienced dreadful regret each time I went to my garage, then purchased a 2017 Griso in 2018, and vowed to never again be without a big bore Guzzi. I found my V11 2 years ago and can't imagine selling either bike. It's an ideal stablemate for the Griso. Other bikes come and go routinely in my life but the Guzzis stay. They're special machines that create an emotional bond that I've never experienced with any other vehicle.
  2. A good friend just sent me this recently re-posted article from motorcycle.com. Very enjoyable read best paired with a glass of red wine or Peroni. Enjoy!: https://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/moto-guzzi/church-of-mo-2002-moto-guzzi-v11-scura.html
  3. Great, thanks LowRyter. Placing my order today and starting my new relay hobby !
  4. Reviving this posting: I recently determined that my tach died due to a faulty relay (after swapping them around I found that the tach does in fact work). Is there any reason not to purchase the relays in the quoted eBay posting for all 5 positions? They appear to be compatible with the recommended relay spec in this thread? Thanks!
  5. Unfortunately no tell-tale rattles... Again, Joel said I'd be wasting my money to send it to him. I'm going to try a new relay and if that doesn't work, I guess I'll be looking for an alternative.
  6. Thanks Guys. I spoke with Joel. He advised to NOT send it in and waste my money. He says it's very rarely a mechanical issue in the tach. Usually the electronics have gone bad. Guess I'll start searching for an aftermarket replacement. I'll check the relay as well.
  7. Hello all, I had Joel Levine rebuild my speedo last year. My tach just stopped working so I pulled it tonight. Curious if you guys think it needs a rebuild too or if it's more likely an electronic issue? I recall it sputtering a bit before giving up the ghost so I'm thinking rebuild. The little backlights work fine. Thoughts? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  8. Thank you all for the information. I believe my V11 can shift better than it currently does without the need for a careful toe preload. More to follow!
  9. Hello Gents, I've had my V11 for about 6 months now (04' Coppa with around 8k miles if the re-built speedo is accurate). Love it but have only ridden limited miles b/c we hit the winter season. All fluids changed minus the fork oil. Runs strong. Shifts marginally and requires the "pre-load" technique during spirited riding. A forum member had suggested this technique after I wrote about my first riding impressions and getting stuck between gears in what I assume is considered a "false neutral." If I don't intentionally pre-load the toe shifter before clicking into gear, the bike will sometimes get stuck in between gears and not want to shift until I slow down and then up/down shift very deliberately. My questions for the sages are: 1.) Should I pursue some sort of repair? or.. 2.) Is this normal and just ride it? I have a 16' Griso that shifts perfectly so I'm probably trying to compare apples to oranges. As always, thanks for the input and advice.
  10. daviscr5

    Tank bag

    I recently found this combo on the European Hepco Becker site. 2 parts: tank ring and compatible bag. You can order these items on www.motomachines.com tank ring: https://www.motomachines.com/hepco-becker-lock-it-tank-ring-moto-guzzi-v11-models bag: https://www.motomachines.com/hepco-becker-royster-tank-bag
  11. I'd really like to attend too. Based on that video that was shared on an earlier thread about the 40 or so Australians that shipped their Guzzis to Italy, it looks like a major PITA and a significant time commitment. There must be Guzzis to rent but I'm sure you need to book early.
  12. Cool bike Swooshdave. I see you're in Portland. I'm in Bend. When this damn virus clears and things open up, I can't wait to go visit Portland and check out See See coffee on my V11. Looks like a cool place!
  13. Thanks for sharing. What an epic trip! A pilgrimage to Mandello is most certainly on my 5-year list. I'm probably not committed enough to ship my bike, but I'm sure I can find a rental:).
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