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  1. I have a set of hard bags for sale that I removed from a recently purchased Centauro. Bags are both in excellent, barely used condition and have the Guzzi emblems on the sides. The only flaw is one of the internal straps needs the buckle sown back on. Two keys included. I also have the mounts and hardware for a Centauro with mounting instructions. I would prefer to sell them as a set. Looking to get $475 for all and you pay shipping. I'm located in PA, USA. Message me for detailed photos and shipping info.
  2. I guess one of the attractions to a Guzzi is the quirks.
  3. Thanks for the info guys. I have a 2000 BMW R1200C and they don't do it like the K's. Seems to defeat the purpose of having a spin-on filter. In any event, my filter is on so tight I can't loosen it and I don't want to take a chance of damaging the cover threads so it looks like I'm dropping the pan. Thanks again.
  4. Ignoring the dirty oil answer and of course the oil filter has to be connected to the oil pan but there is no other car or motorcycle the has a spin-on filter in a chamber filled with oil. I don't get MG's thinking on this.
  5. Just started to change the oil on a 97 Centauro that I recently purchased. I'm new to Guzzies and was shocked that when I took off the oil filter cover, all of the oil drained out. I hadn't removed the drain plug first. I assumed the oil filter wasn't sealed or worse but I've been told that this is normal. If so, why is a spin-on oil filter immersed in the engine oil?
  6. I'm looking for both the headlight cafe fairing and the lower chin fairing for a V10 Centauro. I'd need the mounting hardware, too.
  7. Dennis


  8. I just bought a 97 Centauro and would love to get one of the WC chips. If someone can send me the contact info I'd be forever grateful. zeig@comcast.net
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