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  1. Throttle body balance today for the “grape ape” at Twiggers in Loughborough. Although they haven’t sold new Guzzi’s for several years, and the retail part of the business is now closed, their workshop is open for repairs & servicing. There aren’t many independent Guzzi specialists left in the UK, and I value being only 15 miles away
  2. But did Tony Foale get his backbone frame inspiration from Fritz Egli ?
  3. I’ve always used Motul or Putoline 10-40 semi synthetic in the V11s, but the issue of the amount of ZDDP present is relevant as they’re flat tappet motors and there’s no information about these oils ZDDP ppm level For the 8v high cam motor from the Griso / Stelvio, a fully synthetic 10w60 is the manufacturer recommended grade, as is a must as it’s an oil / air cooled motor with additional coolant galleries in the heads. My Griso has a roller tappet motor, and the saga of the premature failure of the flat tappets has been well documented, presumably not helped by the lack of ZDDP in todays oils
  4. My wife did manage to fill a suitcase as big as your steamer trunk case, and get it aboard the P&O Britannia on a recent cruise, but that was a 150,000 ton cruise ship, so about the size of a Harley bagger, but probably with a better turning circle
  5. I’ve got a Ventura rack on my MT01, but I’ve never attached such a huge bag, I just bungee small soft luggage to the rack
  6. Lol, brilliant. I should be able to squeeze into a 17 inch tyre despite excessive pie consumption
  7. New Pirelli rear arrived to fit to my silver Sport the problem is how do I transport this tyre on the bike to the fitting shop, a journey of around 12 miles. I have no “steamer trunk” sized luggage system ! Don’t really want to bungee the tyre to the pillion seat either. Maybe devise some way of carrying it on my back ? Any ideas?
  8. I’ve taken the body work off, I’ve taken the body work off, had it resprayed & clear coated, plus sourced a new Le Mans logo, but that was a gloss finish, a professional paint shop should be able to handle refinishing the matte finish That’s one heck of a steamer trunk, should be good for at least a 2 week Caribbean cruise
  9. Rosso Corsa in Matlock Bath today, parked by the old red telephone kiosk as usual
  10. Picked my Rosso Corsa up from Twiggers in Loughborough today, following throttle body balance & fixing a slow puncture that was due to a leaky valve. Great ride back home, with the bike more responsive than ever
  11. Heage Windmill classic bike day, fantastic turnout of Guzzi’s, only one V11 there though!
  12. And a Redditch built Royal Enfield
  13. Matlock again today, here’s my silver V11 Sport next to a Ducati Scrambler
  14. A perfect spring day for a ride out
  15. Can’t see clearly, but did the powder coater mask off the pork chop threads OK?
  16. Holiday here in the UK today, took the opportunity to do some workspace tidying, consequently no riding only pushing bikes in and out of the garage
  17. Back home, Lily the cat keeping an eye on the sliver V11
  18. Apart from my V11, this 8V Stelvio was the only other Guzzi I saw today
  19. Easter Sunday ride around Derbyshire. Meeting at the Matlock Bath Pavilion
  20. NK03XMU Currently living in a carcoon in my garage. But it’s going back on the road in the next few weeks. I’ve hardly used it during the 2 years that I’ve had it, but currently I’ve got 5 other Guzzi’s and I only put them on the road in the spring & summer. I just tax 2 at a time, SORN the rest and alternate them. It is a fabulous bike. I’ll probably be taking a V11 to the Guzzi stand at the Festival of 1000 Bikes in July. It’ll either be the Rosso Corsa or the silver V11 Sport. Rosso (and Nero) Corsa’s are really rare in the UK, but there is currently one on eBay asking price somewhat optimistically £8250! Ill find a way of PMing my email and no to you. I hope you have fully recovered from your back surgery and are enjoying biking again
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