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  1. Haha, I love fringe stuff. Most of it is bollocks frankly but every now and again you get something mind-boggling and real, Gobekli Tepe is like that. A 12,000 year old temple complex with megalithic bas-relief stone carving - stuff on that scale at that time is just unheard of. They were innovating like crazy. Dwarka is a real city in the present day and has always been an important Hindu holy site. It likely dates back a good long way, Indus Valley times maybe, but the claims about ice age settlement there looked pretty shaky last time I looked into it. There are underwater remains but more to do with much more recent coastal erosion, like with Alexandria. Middle Kingdoms stuff. I hope we get something under water that’s as solid as Gobekli Tepe some day, I don’t think this one is it, but something like that would be huge. The Younger Dryas was more of a temporary return of the ice age than the end of it. Like a nuclear winter on steroids. IIRC the comet impact idea isn’t set in stone yet but it sure looks like it fits the facts. There's a whopping big crater under the ice in eastern Greenland that looks like it might be the culprit.
  2. Any town with a rail museum, or even just a steam loco on a plinth by their station, should probably make sure those locos are well protected from the elements. The survivors of the Fall may end up needing all of them again.
  3. Eh? I'm young and hip and down with the kids, and I second this opinion! OK that was a lie but you just can't argue with the Varano can you. Long CARC wheelbase or not, I wish I could get one on the road. Pop a Griso 8v in it and that'd be me all set.
  4. And the various Studio This and Studio That type outfits. Ghezzi doesn't seem to get into the full rebuild stuff much any more I think though, and it's been a while since the Alba etc. I hadn't thought about Guareschi but they might be the most active right now? Anyway, fingers crossed for interesting pretty goodies from whoever.
  5. No particular argument. Shaft jacking on my SP and its (relative) absence on my Sport i are not bothersome - my crits are really more aesthetics, including the rod and rising rate bits. I just like those features, haha. I do think the Bellagio has the nicest suspension, though. The smoothness of that platform - man, should have been a whole family of bikes right there. Do like the V100 silhouette a lot more than I would have expected off the (obviously rather carefully chosen, worst possible angle) teaser pic.
  6. Like: profile and stance engine short (I think?) wheelbase self-adjusting bits colour schemes Don't like: CARC-esque swingarm but uglier no reaction rod no rising rate mega wide ADV/Panamerica front end look and headlight It's not as bad as the teaser shot made it look, by a mile. There's a ton of potential here. I hope you guys get your V100 Le Mans, but I hope I get a V130 MGS02. ;p
  7. Hahahaha. Wouldn't you love to ride something like this.
  8. Yeah. Like Scud said, but it's a bit hard to figure out from pics - maybe this helps, this is what the rear gearbox plate and bottom end of the frame look like. And the gearbox reinforcement truss. (I thought I scored one from DeAgo a couple of months ago, but it was bad inventory. Dammit!) Connection points are the welded, integral arms at the front, the gearbox plate like Sports and early V11s, the V11-style gearbox front mount, and the MGS01-only gearbox rear plate mount. In this pic the set of bolt holes ahead of the ones for the rear plate are the ones that fit to the normal top mount on the V11 box. Jens at Dynotec isn't a fan of this set-up; he says it's not stiff enough and breaks gearboxes and is the main reason the road bike never happened. Any MGS owners had that experience?
  9. That bike got the discount because originally it came with a complete set of carbon fiber spare bodywork. That ended up being sold separately.
  10. A Centauro came up for sale in Queensland last week at $18,000. Sold in 2 days. Just wow. Congrats to the seller.
  11. Thanks gents. Need a Centauro block but thanks Max, do appreciate it. Tinus I think I have a line on something but I might need to get back to you. Yeah, shipping is going to be sick if I have to go outside Oz! A few years back I shipped out a straight six sidevalve Dodge motor for less than you pay for some bike stuff these days. :\
  12. Kremmen

    WTB - Centauro

    I completely missed this, Pat. Sorry. Is that the one that's on Bikesales now? 4000kms? FAR too nice to mess with!
  13. Hi all, looking for a V11 gearbox if anyone has a spare available. Ideally non-crackle and non-cracked! Also chasing a Centauro engine, does anyone (especially an Aussie) have one surplus to requirements? Thanks, Martyn
  14. Yeah they have lifted their game a lot. Seeing more of these than V7s lately.
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