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  1. Even less reason to continue holding out any hope, then. Oh well, off to TLM to plonk down stupid amounts on an Ohlins part I'll almost certainly never get to use.
  2. I mean, you sorta think, it's the north...maybe some kind of semblance of organisation. That's the most industrial, functional part of the country, right? Ha. Must be completely maddening for dealers.
  3. Oh, yeah. Italy. Fair point. I forgot.
  4. Oh heck man. That sounds terrifying. All the best.
  5. Aprilia itself didn't think that way during their ownership of Guzzi. It's a stupid attitude; there is little overlap between Guzzi and Aprilia buyers and Aprilia clearly thought so too - they kicked off the Griso and almost got the MGS-01 out the door. I’ve always suspected a not-invented-here, compartmentalising, corporate-drone mindset at Piaggio was more to blame for that fail than Euro compliance, power concerns etc etc. The bike obviously got some way towards production – they changed from a fabricated steel tank to a plastic one, and the gearbox part to which the swingarm mounts was eve
  6. I mean, it's looking like extinction at this rate, is it not? The official site lists the V85 and V7. And the 2017 California. The V9's existence is acknowledged in an intro/sneak peak article. How many models are really in production right now?
  7. Capellini spoke of a road version, and a 4-valve liquid-cooled engine. Has there been anything sighted anywhere since, on either topic?
  8. do it do it do it! And post a great big honking build thread. I would bloody *love* to follow a GC Corse build, haha.
  9. Yep. I love that thing. I am buying MGS 01 bits and hoping to dress up a Centauro or V11 (yes I know it's stupid and fake and whatnot) - but if I could register one of those here, I'd jump for that instead in a heartbeat. Edit: I know that the GC Corse kit is stupid and fake and whatnot too. No argument. It's pretty though, and I'm shallow.
  10. Yeah, Morrison. It's a surprise to hear that from an American TBH, I'm more used to hearing our leaders described as raging socialists. Even our conservatives like Morrison.
  11. Kremmen

    WTB - Centauro

    Yes of course it was, thanks Weegie. I was watching your new vid last night. Good stuff. The range of variation your gauge shows should give anyone pause - a lower flow rate plus no idea what's going on in a motor known for expensive fragility, no thanks, Caruso + gauge it is. Coming into 4Vs at this stage it'd be daft not to act on the info that's available. So ta! PS when I got my Sport i it was a dealer demo with a discount as they were going out of business. They had an RS too and I nearly jumped for that instead. If I had I'd have had bigger bills for sure; I'd have taken things for
  12. Kremmen

    WTB - Centauro

    Thank you! It looks like I will need it, they're not exactly thick on the ground lately. Last time I saw a Centauro for sale in Oz was longer ago than the last RS I saw, namely 2015 (when, if memory serves, there were three. Though a really nice-looking Daytona Racing came up today via a dealer. No. 100 of 100 made and fairly low kms, but they want a fair chunk of change for it.) Absolutely. Mario says much the same. I'm okay with that, actually I'm some way in in parts already without even a bike to show for it as yet. Much appreciate your advice though. Re oiling I do plan to go
  13. Kremmen

    WTB - Centauro

    I wouldn't say that exactly, deep enough though. More that I'm after a project bike and I don't want to hack up a nice one.
  14. Kremmen

    WTB - Centauro

    Seeking a Centauro. Am in Perth, Western Australia. Ideal bike is tatty but sound, would consider restorable wreck.
  15. Is that that badly smashed frame they're asking $1400 US for on eBay? What the *heck* is the story there I wonder
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