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  1. Resurrecting this thread. Does anyone have a link to the production numbers? Here is my 2003–just got the stock exhaust headers polished!
  2. It is nearly impossible to find ethanol free gas in California. I use a fuel additive for those vehicles with cats. It’s not about octane but storage.
  3. Does anyone have recent experience running 100LL Avgas with a crossover pipe in lieu of the catalytic converter? Will the ecu handle the removal of the cat and 100LL? Hard to find ethanol free gas in California.
  4. Hello, 2003 with 22K. Purchased in San Francisco from second owner. Great sound with Staintune exhaust—everything else looks stock. How many of these were built?
  5. Shepflylow


  6. Kindoy2. Great collection of bikes. Where did you find a rear rotor painted gold like the original. I ordered a “gold series” Brembo from Italy but it is not painted at all! Any information is appreciated!
  7. Thanks Phil! Tank arrived safely in California! Working with shop here to get it coated inside and then swapped onto the Rossa Corsa! G’day friend!
  8. I found this thread earlier, but no answers to your question.
  9. Hello Phil. If it is a Rosso Corsa model it’s a deal. Could you send me an email and we can figure out shipping and payment? I’ll figure out with my shop how to get it restored, and it will be nice to keep my original for reference
  10. I would call it severe—some blisters are the length of the entire graphic. The tank’s paint looks like new
  11. Hello. I’m a new owner of a 2003 V11 Rosso Corsa. The vinyl tank graphics have bubbled. I have some questions for the community: 1) I think the bubbling is caused my ethanol interacting with the tank structure. While I don’t use fuel with ethanol in my other bikes, do members get the interior of the V11 tanks coated to prevent the interaction, or is there some other recommendation? 2) Is the a painter or source for reproductions of the graphics? Does anyone have a recommended restoration shop? 3) What tanks interchange with the 2003 Lemans Rosso Corsa? I’d like to maintain the original and restore a takeoff tank. If this is a current topic even a link back to the previous thread would be helpful. Enjoying both the bike and reading the forums!
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