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  1. Hi guys, I run a store that specializes in a type of motorcycle that uses a plastic Acerbis tank and have the honor of owning other models with plastic tanks as well. After looking at the causes of deformation the only solution to the problem was to avoid gasoline with ethanol like the plague. Specially for storage or if you do not use your motorcycle often. The stuff is really harmful to the shape of plastic and wether it is because of the alcohol content in it or not, it really damages the tanks. I have a Ducati that was the cause of a lawsuit vs. Ducati and led to a recall and the free repl
  2. Old topic but I'm a rookie that just joined in so excited to speak my mind. I have used Haulbikes multiple times and the service and pricing has always been great. They load the bike on really large trucks designed specifically to transport bikes around the country. Properly document the pre shipping condition of the bike and take videos and pics and then same thing when they deliver. If you are not in a rush to get a bike from A-B this service is hard to beat, I say not in a rush because it typically takes a month from the time you schedule to the time you get your bike. Highly recommended. (
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