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  1. Here in Spain ethanol is not used in gasoline, I suppose that once the vinyl is fixed it should no longer give problems, right?
  2. yes of course, the reference is GU0194809, but except for af1 all other sites have it discontinued
  3. gstallons, I have already looked at eBay and at the moment I can not find anything ... But I have contacted AF1 racing and they confirm that they could send them to me in 5-7 days. Surely I will order them there, the only thing is that it will cost me a little expensive (257 $ + 45 shipping)
  4. Yes, that same one, do you know her?
  5. hello, yes i tried but they don't have stock
  6. Hi everyone, I'm Antonio from Spain and I just bought a rosso corsa that is apparently perfect and little used, only 5000 miles, but it has the problem of bubbles in the fuel tank. I have been searching eBay, Stein dinse, Tlm, Agostini, and various other places on the internet and it is impossible to find them. I would appreciate your help ... ✌🏻
  7. Tonyo


  8. hello everyone, i just bought a rosso corsa with the same bubble problem on the tank vinyl. Could someone tell me where to get this vinyl?
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