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  1. Those Dowty washers are great, especially on fittings with pressure behind them. For drain plugs they are a bit of overkill in my opinion. Use of aluminum or copper sealing washers is perfectly fine if you remember they are really only meant to be used once. When you tighten the plug the soft metal conforms to the surfaces of the plug and its seat forming a good seal. The downside to the compression of the washer is the metal work hardens and if reused it requires more torque to make the seal and this will often lead to distortion and weakening of the threads causing them to strip eventually.
  2. Noticed in the case breather pic that the cam bearing plug? is filled with a sealer, is that a leakage issue area? or it just being cautious? When reassembling my engine I looked at it and decided that being a fairly substantial aluminum plug it shouldn't be likely to leak. Hope I'm not wrong as it is back together and running!
  3. Those extenders look suspiciously like Ducati 900SS lower fairing bumpers! With a little tap and die work. Where does one procure the shifter springs? Got my sump plate today! Thanks Ed!
  4. I'm waiting on parts, USPS evidently very slow getting my order from Wisconsin! Ordered a sump plate [thanks docc, pressureangle] now sitting around reading posts and FAQs, will my 2001 need a shifter spring or is that the later ones? Can higher bars be mounted without having to change the throttle cable/brake lines etc. I've got some single bolt handlebar mounts that can go in the convenient, rubber plugged holes in the upper triple clamp and plan to use superbike bend bars with them. Sort of the poor mans LSL kit.
  5. Beer and tools! That's how I'm spending my retirement! I am looking for a slosh plate, tried leaving Pressureangle a message and left a message with Horst Mfg. no response yet are they still active?
  6. That's a possibility, It's funny, I'm only about 15mi. from Buena Vista Va. and there have been a few Guzzi rallies there before I moved down here from the DC area.
  7. Looking to procure a windage tray for my V11 

    1. Pressureangle


      I have them. If you have a PayPal email, let me know and I'll send an invoice. 


  8. Thanks for the welcome! This looks like a pretty simple refurb and not too expensive as a plus! The windage plate looks to be the next purchase as I live only a few miles from the BRP and tend to push a bit on it and the surrounding roads.
  9. It seems I am the new owner! Yes the bike is in amazing condition, it looks barely used. Other than the seized front main bearing, and the rod bearings oozing out of the rod caps it's perfect! Of course I tried to start it when I got it home and I think that's what stuck the main. Cranked slow and tried to run then click, click. Inspection revealed a very loose oil filter and for some reason the oil pressure sender was disconnected. Intentional? or part of diagnosis? It's in pieces in the garage awaiting parts. Is the sump baffle a must or only needed for hooning?
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