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  1. Have you done the lap with it? That is something I would certainly put on my bucket list...
  2. Personally, I would prefer a "Chiara R"; chiara being the contrary of scura. All that is black in red, and all the red parts black. I am not completely convinced by the color grey, somehow.
  3. The tour ends on November 15th; I have lots of items on my bucket list. One of them, of course is Route 66. Then there's Highway 50, a.k.a. "The loneliest road in America". There is also the "Comanche Trail" that you may be familiar with.
  4. I spoke to MPH today, and they use Liqui Moly lubricant.... SAE 5W-40. This one: https://products.liqui-moly.com/motorbike-4t-synth-5w-40-street-race-2.html?___store=limo_b2b_com_en Here's the product data sheet: https://pim.liqui-moly.de/pdf/en_US/liqui/43/P000261 This is what they use on all the motorbikes trusted in their care, unless you have stipulations with regards to the oil. Who knew Liqui Moly would be popular in Texas???
  5. I since saw a post from you about that one of kind? Playboy Edition. I am wondering if it is still around in someone's garage...
  6. My utmost concern at the moment is to complete as many stops as possible of the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas. It is a bit of marathon now, because I got to a late start having my Le Mans immobilized waiting for that lost end bar weight. I even managed to make life harder for myself, there were three stops in Gladewater Texas, but the map only lists one. There is a disclaimer about the accuracy of the map, but I did not heed the warning. So my H'town Paris H'town trip should have been 10 stops, and I only did 8.... darn! of course no forgiveness, the tour director told me; no picture, no credit... Its a 225 miles mistake, I don't feel that I am going to do 450 miles to complete the two stops I missed. But doing the tour has brought a lot of discovery about many aspects of Texas that you can't really get unless you just hop on your motorbike and go.
  7. Did you notice the "Playboy" version? I have not investigated it further.
  8. I read your post last night, and while in bed, I scrubbed the Italian forums for some answers on my tablet. I found similar query with partial answers. One guy claimed he wrote to Guzzi about the Centauro production numbers, and got a reply from Guzzi. This is the thread I went through: http://forum.guzzisti.it/viewtopic.php?t=33844&start=20 If you go down the thread, you will find some answers for some of the limited editions. I found several duplicate threads in various Forums with the same question and no tangible answer.
  9. Have you checked the "Texas Monthly" magazine? Their latest issue has the "40 best BBQs classificationn" in Texas. This is a classification they publish every four years. I went to Barnes and Nobles to get it, but not a single copy. There's one in the top 5 in Lexington, don't know if it is the one you mentioned in your post. I heard it on NPR. But lining up for hours to get a BBQ meal.... I feel it is amiss; during a stay in Austin, I checked Franklin's and it is simply insane. People start to line up in the morning!!! I would have come, but I just gotten back from Paris, late Saturday.
  10. If you checked my link to Facom tools, that's what I am looking for. With the added complication to look fro metric sizes.
  11. You would think that every oil manufacturer could publish their product's data, but it seems it is not as much important as telling the consumers "my oil is the best". Motul has not responded yet, but with what we went through, nothing is the same anyway.
  12. I understand. While I feel the same, I think those who look for a product data sheet are a minority among the consumers. We will see if Motul provides the data, or even answer my query.
  13. I followed the link, but I did not see any engine oil for motorcycles, did I miss it, or do they only cater for four wheels? I see they have 2 stroke oil, but mainly for karts.
  14. I did not know there were snakes in Indiana...
  15. I found another oil Brand, German, Liqui Molly who has lubricant recommended for our V11 engines: https://www.liqui-moly.com/en/gb/service/oil-guide.html#oww:/api/v1/oww/101/GBR/ENG/4/a02a533fa87869ff/c2dd8655b82c8fd7/954f0940624f1d950b784a0852e063d5/ Both engine oils (SAE 5W-40) have complete data sheets; although they used a different ASTM method for the kinematic viscosity tests. Sold in the USA 4 liters jug: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D91Q1DM?tag=amz-mkt-fox-us-20&ascsubtag=1ba00-01000-org00-mac00-dsk00-nomod-us000-pcomp-feature-pcomp-feature-pcomp-wm-11&ref=aa_pcomp_xim1
  16. But in a 100% synthetic lubricant, there would not be any oil base, do you agree? In semi-synthetic or what is also called "blend", they would then use a mineral base oil, which obviously can be anything. But I do believe the kinematic and dynamic viscosity tests should be a good indication of what oil is preferable. If only they would publish it openly like Elf does.
  17. The Motul 5100 15W-50 semi-synthetic is what Motul recommends for Twins. I wrote to the headquarters and ask them to provide me with a few of the ASTM tests results, to be able to compare with the Motul 7100 SAE 10W-60 fully synthetic. Throughout my search for the best oil, I think Elf would possibly be another candidate. But you cannot get it here in the USA. ELF is supplier of oil for the MotoGP and Superbike world championships. Check out the various motorcycle oils they offer, and each has a data sheet with the properties; https://catalog.elf.com/en/automotive/motorcycles-and-scooters?app=4-stroke-engine-oil When you check the properties of their competition oil, the HTX 0W-20 you understand why this kind of lubricant is not suitable for an engine like the V11. Look at the kinematic viscosity at 40 and 100 degC, and compare with the Castrol and AMSOIL from my other post... unfortunately they don't use the ASTM method to compute the High Temperature High Shear viscosity.
  18. Since I started using tools, I always knew and used FACOM. To me, they are the best money can buy, and they are very expensive. But they are not available in the USA. Most of the websites are actually EUR based. Or at least, this is what I found after a quick search. What would be the best brand you would recommend? USAG? A quick search on Amazon brings tens of brands I never heard about, and I have no clue how well they are manufactured and tolerances. Thanks for your input!
  19. I was going to come back with Motul, because I think I found my oil of choice. I found a post from a fellow who runs a Moto Guzzi California, and he quoted the Motul 7100 10W-60 as his go to oil. I was intrigued because 10W-60 would seem to be ideal for the Guzzi V11. I checked the Motul website, and found they recommend the Motul 5100 15W-50 for V-Twin. Like you, I looked for a technical datasheet but what is posted on their website but they only state they are API and JASO compliant; nothing about ASTM or ISO tests. On the French version of the website, I have seen a few questions being answered. I am going to ask them if they would be willing to share the Viscosity Index as a very minimum. I will keep you posted. I like that you can purchase the oil in jugs of 4 liters, since we need 3.5 liters + Oil Filter, that fits perfectly.
  20. More food for thoughts from the Elf lubricant page (Elf provides lubricants in MotoGP)
  21. I have asked for an expert opinion. I have contacted an Oil and Gas PVT laboratory manager to tell me what he thinks. Again standards! the test results provided are not always determined using the same method, so we cannot compare apple to apple. Still, I would rather go with brands that make the effort to provide a product data sheet. Even if in the case of Castrol, the data sheet is from 2018. The new API standard is from 2000. AMSOIL lists the former API standards, but those data sheets are probably not updated as often as they should. But this is all we have for comparison. Now, if my friend's laboratory was not in Dubai, I would be able to purchase all the brands, and get him to run some of the tests on the side. As for Castrol, it was there along with Motul when I started to get interested in motorbikes. Motul being the reference for motorcycles at the time. But this was Europe. I have no clue what historic brands existed in the US back in the Standard Oil days....
  22. Indeed, I was expecting a busy place, and it was almost deserted. Possibly because not in season? there were a few barflies, but those were locals, I could tell. The other cabins where I stayed for the night were occupied by people on trikes. When I ran the RR337, albeit sunset and sunrise when the light is the best for photography, I only saw two groups of HD riders. Nobody else. But I can imagine what it is like in summer. Besides, the Frio river offers a lot of aquatic activities. I am planning to go back there off season. I want to ride the twisted sisters fully, and multiple times, to further master the Le Mans. At the moment, I am trying to complete the Grand Tour of Texas. I am not making the best of the tour stops, because I am always on the clock. I am missing a lot as I ride most of the time.
  23. Texas is captivating, and very motorcycle friendly as long as you do not suffer from high heat and high humidity. The fact that we are in November and we are still in the 80's degF is incredible. Friday and Saturday 22/23 November, I went to Paris and did 8 stops. I will report below as it takes time to make the thread with the various photo and video upload.
  24. I was in Paris yesterday (Oct 23rd, 2021), and during my pre-departure check, I noticed the engine oil level was at the lowest mark of the dipstick. I don't understand how it went from mid to low between Houston and Paris, but it can only be an erroneous reading on my part. I only found this thread today (Oct 24th). O'reilly could not provide any help. When I think of Oil, I think of standard. Each oil manufacturer will advocate they have the best oil for your application. So how can we judge? how can we compare? beyond the SAE classification, should we check which standard(s) the oil conforms to. Our good friends at the API will provide us will invaluable information about the current standards: here! Here is the list of Oil categories for Gasoline Engines; the current moniker is "SP". The API standard for 2004 was "SL", and "SJ" earlier. "JASO" (Japanese Automotive Standard Organization); JASO T503 latest issue is JASO-MA2 (2006) from JASO-MA, for motorcycle engines that use the same oil in clutch, engine, gear box; JASO-MB for motorcycle engines with dry clutch, separate oil for gear box and engine.converters. JASO-MA2 for motorcycle engines equipped with a catalytic converter. SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Automotive Lubricant Viscosity Grades: Engine Oils – SAE J 300, Dec. 1999 Bottom Line, I picked Castrol Power1 because it conforms or exceed the requirements of API SP, JASO-MA2, is classified as SAE 20W-50 which means I can start my engine safely up to -20 degC (-4 degF). Castrol has a Product Data Sheet that lists the Power1 oil characteristics: https://msdspds.castrol.com/bpglis/FusionPDS.nsf/Files/674DB92D31BE7CE0802583050045159E/$File/BPXE-A3QE84.pdf Other oil brands, don't necessarily gives you as much information; here's an example with Mobil: https://www.mobil.com/en/lubricants/for-personal-vehicles/motorcycles No standard specified, no product data sheet. It does not mean the oil is not as good as the others. Another Oil brand to consider, is AMSOIL; https://www.amsoil.com/lookup/motorcycle/2004/moto-guzzi/v11-sport-v11-lemans/1100/?volume=us-volume And they have a product data sheet: https://amsoilcontent.com/ams/lit/databulletins/g2090.pdf They lists the previous API Standards, but not the latest SP, they also conform to JASO-MA and MA-2. Just for fun, let us look at comparable reported results: Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt (ASTM D445): Castrol=19.99 mm2/s; AMSOIL=18.5 cSt (Centistoke) units are comparable. Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt (ASTM D445): Castrol=152.9 mm2/s; AMSOIL=132.8 cSt Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270) : Castrol=151 AMSOIL=156 Flash Point °C (°F) (ASTM D92) : Castrol= 253 AMSOIL=228 NOACK Volatility, % weight loss (g/100g) (ASTM D5800/CEC L-40-A-93 ): Castrol = 4.8% AMSOIL=4.2% (not a direct comparison as Castrol did not use the same ASTM standard than AMSOIL). So, which one between the Power1 and AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil has the best characteristics? The Castrol has the highest viscosity results under D445 at the reported temperatures. The AMSOIL has a better viscosity index. higher number is better, but does not tell all. The Castrol has a greater flash point. Go figure....
  25. Stop #8 to #14 of 50: The Frio Canyon run; étapes 10, 13, 14, 21, 23, 40, 50. Summary: 717 miles (1154 km) run. Starting on Friday 15th, 7:30, back on Saturday 16th, 16:00. Highlights: Getting acquainted with what the Moto Guzzi can do Understanding the limits (mainly mine) Riding in different weather conditions The pro's and con's of minimalism packing Meeting people Lowlights: Not enough time to really enjoy the tour stops The Frio Canyon better known as the "Three Twisted Sisters": These so-called sisters are Ranch Road 335, 336, 337. While my objective was to add some stops to the Motorcycle Grand Tour of Texas, checking the sisters was also on my list. I only got to ride on one, 337. But the experience was incredible. More on that later. I set out early on Friday. I had planned that trip to begin on Thursday, but we had a full day of storm in H'town, and I did not want to ride under adverse conditions. I made my first stop at Gonzales Texas; Tour Stop #50 I then proceeded to my second stop, Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop at Leakey, Tx. Approaching Concan Tx, I got surprised by an unexpected torrential rains thunderstorm. I was on 83, in the open, and I could do nothing but keep riding. Fortunately, I was behind a truck, and I only had to follow its lights from a safe distance. The rain was so strong that I had zero visibility, and I got soaked wet in no time. In Concan, I stopped at a gas station to let the rain pass. I was literally dripping water. All my clothing was water logged. The Guzzi did not mind at all the ride in the storm. I finally made it to my destination, the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop on Ranch Road 337. Tour Stop #23 During summer days, this spot is extremely popular. However, I found the place completely deserted, if excepted for some locals. The Bent Rim Grill has tables outside and a very peaceful view. The River Hills cabin where just right above the Motorcycle stop. As you saw on the time lapse, there was a lot of wind that Saturday morning, and the temperature had dropped from close to 80F (27+) to 50F (10+). The cold air was unpleasant filtering through the forearm aeration of my Marsee jacket. But riding at sunrise was so beautiful that it did not matter long. The 337 was very narrow, and there aren't any way to stop to take pictures. There were also plenty of bicycle riders, and you need to factor that in. Then I went on to make the required stops on my way back home: Tour Stop #10 YO Ranch Hotel Kerrville Tour Stop #40 Kerrville National Cemetery Tour Stop #13 Javelina Harley Davidson Boerne; Tour Stop #14 Alamo BMW Boerne Tour Stop #21 Gruene Harley Davidson Gruene Conclusion and lesson learned: There was a lot of wind for the ride back home. It became very painful for the neck. Possibly because I lack the muscle mass. I could alleviate the problem by riding leaning on the tank, with the helmet right behind the fairing. My rear end was sore, but the worse problem I had was the thighs for some strange reason. I do not know why. Harley Davidson Javelina and Gruene were full of people gathering for a Saturday. This was quite incredible!!! Food truck, Music... In comparison, the BMW dealer was completely deserted. I am going back to Leakey, this is certain. And this time, I will stay long enough to ride the three twisted sisters multiple times, each direction.
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