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  1. As suspected pilot error on the oil pressure. After dropping the pan and whole oil gallery/filter housing and spacer to get the bloody filter out, found old oil filter gasket still stuck in the oil filter housing. No proper seal no oil pressure. Will be more careful next time. Thx everyone for pointing me in right direction. Cheers
  2. Thx Everyone fro pointers, will drop the pan and check the fitting of filter and gaskets, will report results when done. Cheers !
  3. Idle speed is 900-950, low oil pressure light comes on when tach drops below 1200. Any chance in blockage in oil radiator or oil lines? Once again I appreciate all the comments.
  4. Thx docc and LowRyter for reply, will definitely drop the pan and investigate. The owners manual calls for Agip Racing 4T sae 5w-40 which is no more available, any suggestions for replacement?
  5. HI everyone, after changing oil on my 2004 V11 ballabio initially everything seems fine, after roughly 10 KM when the engine warmed up the oil pressure light came on at the idle on the lights. To change oil I dropped the pan and install new HiLo filter and filled up with Motul 300V 5W40. There is no leaks and oil is up to capacity. Would appreciate any pointers where to start to look for a problem.
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