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  1. Guzzis in their Sunday best, hey Weegie?
  2. Hey there p6x. Now I feel like a double goose! Only after re-reading my post after receiving yours, I meant to say gear selection lever, not clutch lever! Sorry. Broke just 'cos my left calf knocked it as the bike was on it's way down! Wha?!
  3. So, there's this thang called Occam's Razor which is sometimes inaccurately paraphrased as "the simplest explanation is usually the best one." Without further ado, is that in this particular chapter of Dead V11, fotoguzzi wins the Occam's Razor award for nominating the kill switch as the culprit. I would also like to nominate myself for eejit of the year award for not checking the kill switch until suggested. I would like to apologise for wasting everybody's time, particularly that of Weegie (Bloody Hell, but those Magni's must be special machines!) for wearing his puir wee fingers to the nubs for typing his essay-like response. And of course, docc, for his input into either my 2nd or 3rd post that he has responded to. My thanks to all, along with that apology. If you need me, I'll be over in the corner, self-flagellating for my stupidity for not checking the kill switch... Ffs!!!
  4. Howdy y'all. How big of a goose do I feel? Was riding out of an alley which serves as a driveway to the apartments that I have recently moved to. Had feet on pegs, which was a problem when I came to a stop, & the bike promptly fell on its right side - minor damages - broken indicator lens, & rocker cover, as well as a broken clutch lever. I know, right? That's the left side of the bike. Turns out that Guzzi clutch levers can be stomped on & cursed out due to the infinite false neutrals, however, when they encounter the mighty innesa calf muscle, it just simply snaps. WTAF?! Anyway, these relatively minor issues have thrown a smokescreen whilst another more sinister issue came to light... Bike dead. Usually when I turn the bike on, there is a noise that emanates out from under the seat, that I've been led to believe is the priming of the fuel pump or something similar. Ignition is in the on position - appropriate dashboard lights come on - however there is no underseat noise. I can hear something like a click (I call it a click, but it isn't a click) from the appropriate area when I turn the ignition on & then again when I turn it off. Fuses & the relays appear to be intact. Managed to get gears into neutral (not a false one). What am I missing, if anything? I look forward to the input from the brains trust of V11 Guzzisti...
  5. Hello everybody I'd just like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the respondents to this. Even if it was just to make me laugh, which it did. I will get on to the main ground immediately, if not sooner. docc, I hope that you didn't take your bike apart just for little old me! But, thank you, as always, for the detailed response. I reckon I could rebuild the thing, if ever I needed to, from your information alone! Cheers everybody.
  6. Hi Tinus89 Is this the ground that you were referring to? I'm not very mechanically minded... But this is what I jiggled, & the bike started. Magic!!! Cheers mate.
  7. Hello Tinus89 To answer your questions as asked: No; no; no; yes (I am assuming that is the noise from what sounds like under the seat sort of area); yes Checked what I think you mean about the main ground, which seems to have rectified the problem. The bike starts again!!! I thank you very much for responding.
  8. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears... I have a non-starting Le Mans. I have recently charged the battery, all the dash lights up, the electrical noise under the seat makes its usual appearance. Press the starter... crickets What the Hell?! Thoughts? I look forward to your input. I had a long ride recently, ~ 1000kms, then parked it. This is now 2 weeks on. I have started it since the ride, but just to turn it over.
  9. Guzzler & Pete Roper, I really appreciate the heads up about those two gents. I will most def check them out. A bit hesitant to take it to PS after I was talking to a Triumph rider who told me they overfilled his oil to the tune of 700mls, & their response to his complaint was basically no response. Pretty damned poor. You trust them with Precious, & it's clear that it ain't so precious to them. Cheers lads.
  10. Thanks docc. Yours is one of the threads that I'd read, & it is certainly comprehensive! I'm just a wee bit nervous about doing stuff that is potentially beyond me, without a watchful eye over to me to stop me from making a terminal error! I'll have another read, go see the Wizard for some courage, & go from there... Wish me luck.
  11. innesa


  12. Hello everybody. Long-time reader, first-time poster. Hoping to tap into the wealth of knowledge found through this site. I have recently purchased my 2001 V11 Le Mans, with ~ 81000kms on the clock. Picked it up at a motorcycle retailer. I am unaware of the service history, including any potential mapping. It has Agostini pipes that had the baffles in them, until I located a set of circlip pliers. There is a USB cable up near the dash - already installed (Read: I don't know what function it provides) I have changed the engine oil, gear oil, & Cardan drive oil at this point, with a subsequent reduction to valve/ tappet noise, however, on the first ride, pulling up at traffic lights, the idle would occasionally become "lumpy", almost to the point of stalling. Revs were ~ 1000 on the clock. Did I do anything to contribute to this? And, what can I do to sort it? I've read various forum threads on tune up, etc, but I don't quite feel confident enough to tackle that by myself at present, in case I then have to load it onto a trailer, take it to a place, point to it, & say "Fix that"! Thank you in anticipation.
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