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  1. Hello everybody I'd just like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the respondents to this. Even if it was just to make me laugh, which it did. I will get on to the main ground immediately, if not sooner. docc, I hope that you didn't take your bike apart just for little old me! But, thank you, as always, for the detailed response. I reckon I could rebuild the thing, if ever I needed to, from your information alone! Cheers everybody.
  2. Hi Tinus89 Is this the ground that you were referring to? I'm not very mechanically minded... But this is what I jiggled, & the bike started. Magic!!! Cheers mate.
  3. Hello Tinus89 To answer your questions as asked: No; no; no; yes (I am assuming that is the noise from what sounds like under the seat sort of area); yes Checked what I think you mean about the main ground, which seems to have rectified the problem. The bike starts again!!! I thank you very much for responding.
  4. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears... I have a non-starting Le Mans. I have recently charged the battery, all the dash lights up, the electrical noise under the seat makes its usual appearance. Press the starter... crickets What the Hell?! Thoughts? I look forward to your input. I had a long ride recently, ~ 1000kms, then parked it. This is now 2 weeks on. I have started it since the ride, but just to turn it over.
  5. Guzzler & Pete Roper, I really appreciate the heads up about those two gents. I will most def check them out. A bit hesitant to take it to PS after I was talking to a Triumph rider who told me they overfilled his oil to the tune of 700mls, & their response to his complaint was basically no response. Pretty damned poor. You trust them with Precious, & it's clear that it ain't so precious to them. Cheers lads.
  6. Thanks docc. Yours is one of the threads that I'd read, & it is certainly comprehensive! I'm just a wee bit nervous about doing stuff that is potentially beyond me, without a watchful eye over to me to stop me from making a terminal error! I'll have another read, go see the Wizard for some courage, & go from there... Wish me luck.
  7. innesa


  8. Hello everybody. Long-time reader, first-time poster. Hoping to tap into the wealth of knowledge found through this site. I have recently purchased my 2001 V11 Le Mans, with ~ 81000kms on the clock. Picked it up at a motorcycle retailer. I am unaware of the service history, including any potential mapping. It has Agostini pipes that had the baffles in them, until I located a set of circlip pliers. There is a USB cable up near the dash - already installed (Read: I don't know what function it provides) I have changed the engine oil, gear oil, & Cardan drive oil
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