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  1. Thanks for the multiple welcomes, folks. Most of my effort at the minute is on my Mk 2 Le Mans ‘950 Superleggera Carbone’ (Superlightweight Carbon). Engine under rebuild with new 950 barrels and pistons, all new parts throughout bottom end and valve train etc. Mikuni flat slides, carbon fibre V7/Le Mans shape tank and front guard, brakes refurbished, gearbox about to undergo tear down and new bearings and seals, as is final drive. No side covers, and all unnecessary frame tabs have been removes and ground down prior to powder coating the frame. red for main part, lower rails in si
  2. I have a set of R1 forks/triple clamps/bars/brakes/mudguard that are shortly to accept the Carb Sport spindle and go USD. Bloody lot safer than the Marzocchis that are on it and near-on killed me last time I was out when I hit a pothole cranked over and bump-steered myself into the oncoming lane in the twisties. There was a car coming, fortunately with an alert driver. That was 5 years ago. Completely frightened me. I’ve been on other Guzzi’s, and other bikes, but not going back onto the 1100 Sport until it has a more compliant front end. Similar length forks, and rake is less than a qua
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