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  1. New LED tailight carefully frenched into the rear of the tail with a custom made steel number plate hanger carrying the superbright LED micro indicators.. This really helped to tidy up the rear of the bike. The tailight has a clear bottom section which illuminates the license plate.
  2. this was the Ballabio donor bike it is based on!
  3. Thanks for your positive comments guys! Its based on a 2003 Ballabio. It has a much modified replica Ducati fairing with custom mounts. The idea was to create a bike that looked like it could have come from the factory. There a lots of subtle detail changes to give the bike a cleaner more aggressive look. The colour is Kawasaki candy burnt orange code 17L with a charcoal grey centre stripe and airbrushed logos. The centre crossover was custom made in stainless to match the new head pipes (the fronr cross pipe was removed). The silencers are Delkevic 350mm stainless ovals with the dk killers removed. It not too loud but has a lovely deep burble!


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