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  1. Answers to the above and further questions.

    I agree that the 2005 is newer than 2001, but i have heard there is more value in Pre-Aprilia - aka, 2001 and earlier. Is that true?

    The V11 Sport 01 is a silver color - 5,000km (low). Has a bikini fairing and mistral pipes. In good condition overall, except for some engine paint peeling.
    The V11 Lemans 2005 is not Nero Corsa, I dont think. The tail only says lemans and not nero corsa. Mileage is 50K - 2005 had the longer wheel base, but is it just as good at 2001s?
    The Scura - man its gorgeous and in superb condition and well taken care of and sorted - and I agree, its $10K. Too much. There is one in Vegas, but that is pretty beat up.



  2. Hi all! Love this page. What I am trying to discern in buying one of the following

    2001 V11 Sport - LoW miles $5K
    2001 V11 Scura - $10K lower miles
    2005 V11 LeMans - Black (Not sure if Nero Corsa) (55km - $6500)

    Which ones has the best long term value? Does post Aprilia purchase 2005 make a difference (good or bad) on the Lemans? Does the lemans name carry weight? I love the look of the Scura the best, but the price seems ways too high.

    How would I figure this out? Any help greatly appreciated!

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