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  1. Thank you for trying for me, unfortunately no one has come forward. Lets hope that someone may see the post in the future and reply? Thanks again for trying, Tony.
  2. Hi Peter, I have sent you a private message, please check your messages on here! Kind regards, Tony.
  3. Thank you for that information, I run the UNI filters because that was fitted as standard by Moto Guzzi to the Dr Johns, so I'll carry on using them.
  4. Thank you very much that would be fantastic, the name i have for the Dutch owner (from 1998) is Eric Nijssen of Zaandam.
  5. Yes they are pods on the end of the velocity stacks, they are UNI filters 3 inch mounting dia x 5 inch They were standard equipment on the Dr John
  6. That's fantastic, no I haven't joined, but i'll go over there now and give it a shot thank you so much.
  7. Hi, Yes you are correct, and I know the person you are talking about. The bike pictured here is no longer in Scotland, this one is already documented on the register. Thank you for replying, I hope I can find the missing 9 bikes and owners. Kind regards, Tony.
  8. Good Morning All, My name is Tony and I have recently been given the paperwork for the 'Daytona Dr John' register. This register logs the owners of the 20 Dr John bikes that were produced in 1994 for the UK market. Of the 20 bikes that were initially produced, 1 was involved in a fire and so was lost. This left 19 bikes, and the owners are listed on the paperwork I have. The register was stopped in 1998 when the owner who ran the register sold his Dr John. So, I have now picked up the reins and decided to give it a go and try and find the owners. So far I hav
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