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  1. X goose

    X goose

  2. Thanks Hammershaug I am going to try and kill two birds I guess. I need the OS that will run both Guzzidiag and Tune ECU for my KTM. I think the last time I connected to the KTM I was on win 8 but I suspect finding a driver and cable adapter for a current Mac will be challenging. I'll look into running that on win10 if that's what Guzzidiag prefers. It's this type of thing that makes me miss carburetors!!
  3. Hello, Has anyone been able to load Guzzidiag to a Mac running Big Sur? I can't get it to go
  4. Hello Gear Heads, Totally unnecessary and largely unseen...Just what my Italian beauty deserves! Besides gear drives are just cool ;-) I put my name on the list for a set of Joe's gears. He needs a few more orders before the next run of v11 sets. So give your Goose some love and order up a set! joe.caruso@ntlworld.com
  5. Expected Goose = P-47 That MGS-01 is a BEAUTIFUL bike! If I were a rich man...it would be on the track when not residing in my man cave.
  6. Thank You Sir! It takes way more than reality to offend me ;-)
  7. hey! what happened to doc's comment on "assume the position"?? It was spot on!
  8. Hello, So I started getting the itch for another air cooled Italian. I came to motorcycles fairly late in life after decades of being a bike freak (the pedal kind). My first motto was a Sporster, which grew a bit boring after a few months. Bike number 2 was a shiny new 2003 Ducati M1000 that turned out to be may first moto love for a number of reasons, but went to a new home in 2010. I have had a handful of bikes since then and still do, but not an Italian so before my time runs out I decided to give in to the desire. I have always been Guzzi curious and even looked at the Lemans
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