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  1. Thank you for your answer, good to hear that I'm not the only one with this issue. No, I have not many miles (or km here in Norway πŸ˜€) on the new clutch plate, so I assume it will getting better. Jens Martin
  2. Update on this matter. A new master cylinder was not a huge success, I think I will live with it this way, maybe it will improve with some driving. Beside that, this new clutch plate has improved the behavior of the bike, it is not so "brutal" at downshifts anymore. Jens Martin
  3. Thanks for your replies. In my case, I am not so shure if a longer pushrod is a solution, because when I adust the clutch lever adjusting screw all the way in (out of its normal position) the clutch relase ok. This is however not a good solution, the clutchlever is too far from the handlebar, and almost zero distance to the clutch piston. I have order a new 13 mm clutchcylinder, a report will come πŸ˜€ Jens Martin
  4. No, it is not too bad, it is rideable, but difficult to find neutral. As soon as the weather is getting better I will take her on a ride πŸ˜€
  5. Yes, I am pretty sure of that, but I know it can be difficult to get the air out. The "feel" of the handle is the same as before, and I also unmount the slave cylinder and blocked it with a vice grip, and the handle was solid (if you understand what I mean..:-) Jens Martin
  6. Hello everybody. During the winter I have done some upgrades to my RM, one of them was to try to reduce the ratteling noise at idle from the clutch. I bought a new clutch plate (Miba type), the noise is better, but the problem is that it drags. It seems to me that it require more throw-out distance, possible due to that it is thicker (1mm)? Have somebody experience this? I hope to avoid taking the engine out and put the old plate in...Can a 13 mm master cylinder be a solution? Jens Martin
  7. I am not shure this is totally correct, my Rosso Mandello have these bosses on the engine, and I bought and installed a second hand rear subframe on my bike. Have to drill new holes and making threades of course... Maybe the Rosso Mandello series are different from the red frame series? Jens Martin
  8. Guzzijens


  9. Hello from Norway. I bought mine from Germany this year, unnumbered, with the german flag. Now as the winter is here I am doing some upgrades..πŸ˜€πŸ‘
  10. Hello all. I am a 62 year old norwegian guy, bought my V11 Rosso Mandello from Germany this spring, very pleased so farπŸ˜€ It is not my first Moto Guzzi, my first was a Lario back in 85, and after that two Le Mans 850 and a Le Mans 1000. After some years with Ducati (St4 and Multistrada 1200) I am back to Guzzi, feels great πŸ‘πŸ˜€. This is a fantastic forum, a lot of clever peopleπŸ‘ Jens Martin
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