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  1. The V11 is from 2002. The starter is realy slow. After a few attemps it starts with a dot of trottle. It just seem he will not start at all.
  2. When starting the V11 the charging current light does not light up. I have a new battery and the voltage, when the motor is off, stays 12,72 V. I think the generator is working. I have since a while starting issues. What can be the cause?
  3. dowieze


    Thanks for the information. Just unscrew the nut of the steering head and place a nut on the inside. Cleaver. Best regards. Marc
  4. dowieze


    I can not find this mount. The diameter of the steering tube is just 8 mm. Most of the mounts from ultimate addons are >12 mm. There is no thread for a bold. Where can I find this kind of mount. Thanks Marc
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