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  1. Hi guys thank you for your time. I met up with my friend who has a dyno and him being a world class tuner ,we made plans for removal of the PC lll. At the moment I am waiting for the cables from Lonelec so communication can be established to the titan ecu and surgery will commence. I will try to have before and after charts done for reference, And keep you in the loop ( pun intended). It still has an occasional hiccup around 2500-2800 rpm… but it’s manageable . I’m going on my planned trip next week….3500 km in 7 days with a lot of carving in the alps/Dolomites and highway transport to and from. Afterwards we will have a go at tuning on the dyno, as we were unable to find time before. Looking forward to sharing the results with all of you. br. Claus
  2. First of all , let me introduce myseself. Name is Claus some 50 years of age with a 25 year long passion for MG and motorcycles in general. 2 weeks ago i had the good luck of getting my greasy fingers on a Nero Corsa with 28000 km clocked. I've been dreaming about owning one since 1999 when i had my first encounter with one in Mandello. It's in a excellent condition and has been taken good care of. Riding it is a real pleasure and absolutely fulfills my dreams. I had a few quircks all fixable with a good tune up, and searching through the forum helped me along. So far valves adjustet,throttle bodies balanced, TPS set to 157mV. air bypass adjustment 3/4 of a turn out. It all helped on the quircks but still had a pinging noise when cold starting. I ordered the cables for Guzzidiag to do the CO reset and they are on the way. Fast forward to the snake in paradise....i've worked on many different bikes over the years and always avoided using POWER COMMANDERS....and there i found one hiding in the side panel ....and it's active. So you guys what's my best move...do i call the National bomb squad or leave it in place. Was out for a good run this morning and the bike ran absolutely like a dream. i've got a trip planned in the alps/dolomites in 2 weeks and would hate to have it spoiled if removing the PClll and getting the stock ecu to play ball ends in grief and sleepless nights. Been down that road with a V10 Centauro years ago with the MYECU and endless reprogramming. Hit me...... Oh buy the way..... i dumped a bunch of pictures in a folde on my profile showing the TITAN reace ECU and general state of the bike...
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