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  1. No I don't have it apart at all yet. I was thinking the injectors wouldn't be hard to remove (they look fairly accessible) but haven't looked closely yet. If that's a time consuming job, then yeah I'll just run some Techron and good gas through. Thanks
  2. Ok in that case I know some car guys who would know. Thanks
  3. Anyone know a place I can send my injectors for cleaning? I'm going to give it a tune up soon and may as well have clean injectors ready to go. I'm in Ohio. Thanks
  4. Race tech said .90s should be correct for my 180lbs w/o luggage. I'll order those and report back after it's together.
  5. Traxxion said they don't have springs to fit without buying their high $ cartridge kit which I'm not interested in. They did suggest a 1.05 rate if I can find springs to fit the stock internals, seems heavy but I suppose all the bikes I've put springs in before have been lighter bikes so maybe he's correct. I'll try Race Tech next. Essentially what I got out of the oil weight post is to go with 7wt, barring all the details regarding the actual viscosity of 7wt differing between brands.
  6. I'd think .95s are available so it seems odd they went with a 1.0 in one leg and a .9 in the other. I'll check with Traxxion, sounds like they'll advise the 0.9s. I'll find the post regarding oil weight also. Thanks again.
  7. I searched but didn't find much info - what spring rates are you guys running, when you upgrade your Marzocchi springs? I've seen references to 0.9 and 1.0 but no reference to rider weight. I measured my sag and have 1.5" of static (bike only) sag, and then 1 7/8" with me sitting on the bike. I want to get the front end in the right ballpark without spending much money on it because I'm honestly not sure how long I'll keep this bike - it may get replaced down the road with something more comfy for my wife to ride on back. Anyways I'm hoping to get the correct springs in there and maybe some heavier fork oil if that works to improve the damping in the Zokes? I'm about 180lbs without gear. I'll be buying an aftermarket shock rather than trying to make the stocker right. Thanks all.
  8. How much better do they run with the airbox compared to Uni pods?
  9. Nevermind on the alternate Mistral US retailer - Mistral said it's only MGcycle. That's fine, I've always had good luck there so I ordered them and they'll be here in a couple months. Looking forward to them!
  10. Want to upgrade my 03 Lemans suspension and checking for used aftermarket shocks first. I weigh around 185. Located in Ohio. Thanks
  11. Just a top rack to bungee things to or mount a top box onto. Located in Ohio. Thanks.
  12. If anyone else has a similar rack for sale, I'm interested. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the pointers docc, I'm ordering the cables for the Guzzidiag connection. MG is out of stock on the Mistral slip-ons, actually it doesn't seem like they keep any of them in stock for older models like the V11 which makes sense for a small company. Does anyone know of a different source for Mistral products that might have them in stock? I just sent an inquiry on the Mistral site to see if they sell direct to the US or not.
  14. Hello, I looked around the forum and don't see anything recent regarding this (apologies if I missed it) - I'm looking at replacing the stock pipes on my 03 Lemans, mainly for better sound and to drop a little weight - if the bike runs better as a result that would be great. Does anyone know if there's significant differences in the flow between the various Mistral slip-ons? I like the looks of the conical mufflers better than the canisters... Also are there significant benefits to any of the aftermarket crossovers on a stock motor? As far as tuning the injection, I saw some pointers on buying a harness and plugging that into a laptop yada yada - is that still the best way to get a good tune? My bike has pod filters in place of the airbox (it came that way - I'm aware of the flow limitations of pod filters vs. a well designed airbox) so my injection is probably already not correct - looking for options here. I'm near Cincinnati if anyone is within a few hours who could help with the tune. Thanks all!
  15. I got everything back together with a new spring (thanks @Scud) and it all works well now. When I put it back together I could see how the shift lever could interfere one way or another with the frame side plate (pork chop) on downshifts or the connector piece behind the top of the shift lever on upshifts if the linkage isn't adjusted properly - its a fairly narrow range of adjustment for the lever to not interfere with anything. I think my issue was the eccentric was interfering with the proper movement of the shift selector, and its fine now that I adjusted it to roughly .030" clearance. All in all a pretty easy job once I figured out how it all works. Thanks for all the help everyone!
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