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    '14 M696, '01 V11 Sport (at the shop, waiting to ride Spring '22) '98 900SSFE, '96 900SSCR, '95 Daytona 1200
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    I'm motorcycle obsessed. It consumes 90% of my waking thoughts in one way or another. Riding is my passion in life.

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  1. Well, Kremmen, a Guzzi 1100i is a very, very rare eagle in the States. Only slightly less rare than an OHC Daytona. Guzzi 1100is aren't exactly growing on trees like throwaway GSX-R 600s...
  2. I went on Hyperpro's site and for a V11, all I found were front and rear fork springs and fluid. Do you have a link for a rear shock with the remote reservoir that just bolts up?
  3. Would have really loved a Greenie or silver one...and black is NOT my color, but I accept it on this bike. It looks great in any color.
  4. As much as that sounds like something I would do...unless I came across a minty LeMans with low miles for an insane give it away price I couldn't ignore ($4k or less), I'm done buying bikes. I have 5 now, an MG, and two daily cars (one is a winter beater). So, 8 vehicles total...and in the Spring, I will sell my Monster 696 because I've had it 7 years, and I don't really ride her as much compared to my other bikes. ...And yes, the V11 bug has bitten me bad. I knew I'd enjoy a V11, but now that I actually got seat time, I "get it". I understand why Guzzis are a cult, especially the V11 Sport/LeMans, which I view as one of Moto Guzzi's watermark machines. I'm in love with mine. It's just simultaneously a rumbly, burbly, torquey, hairy-chested machine, but it is also svelt in some ways, elegant, almost feminine in others. My Ducati 900s have heavier clutches and brakes, though. You get a real workout working the gears and brakes with gusto on one of those. I can see you get a workout on a V11 just trying to hustle it through turns with the extra heft and torque effect of the shaft which I felt when moving along switchbacks. Both bikes demand physical exertion, just in different ways. A V11 really is a man's motorcycle.
  5. Thank you, Scud! Also, do you know a model I can buy new off the shelf to replace it with? Please doesn't say an $800.00 Ohlins unit.
  6. I love them all, friend. I may sell my Monster 696 next year, though. Had her since new, the other bikes take up more of my saddle time...I know the V11 will handily dethrone the 696 next Spring.
  7. This bike, the V11 Sport, is milled out of a solid chunk of motorcycle dreams. It ticks so many boxes the Japan Inc. machines still don't even know exist. It is the stuff of which dreams are made. I took a gamble, a leap of faith (not even riding a V11, buying a bike 1900 miles away without seeing it in person first), and I was handsomely rewarded. I am also relieved and grateful. Spring can't get here fast enough, Docc!!!
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