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    '14 M696, '01 V11 Sport (sleeping, waiting to ride Spring '22) '98 900SSFE, '96 900SSCR, '95 Daytona 1200
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    NH, USA

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    I'm motorcycle obsessed. It consumes 90% of my waking thoughts in one way or another. Riding is my passion in life.

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  1. Experts like this really make our forum amazing. You kick ass, Lucky Phil.
  2. I just bought a nos Ducati headlamp assembly from him yesterday. 😂
  3. Gotham Cycles has been great to me. Lots of obscure parts for Ducati and Guzzi!
  4. Nice Jaguar, Docc! I would add photos from my phone, but I don't have super tiny images...I will try when I get home in the morning...
  5. Hasn't happened to me yet in 6 plus years of ownership...but I also never rush my shifts. Love this tiny sports car.
  6. I'm 6ft 1in...I fit in the Midget.... barely.
  7. Few things look so English as one of those old red phone booths.
  8. Well, I'm on a waiting list...when they pop up, I'm getting a pair.
  9. Guess what I'm ordering when I get home? 😆
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