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  1. Update: AF1 Racing had the OEM wires... around $80.00 shipped...ouch. At least I got them on the way...Caps were on eBay for under $20 shipped. Result!
  2. Docc, you are more useful than"Guzziology". Thank you, and congrats again. May you and your Red Frame have another 20 years and 124k miles of safe, comfortable riding joy.
  3. Oh, one last thing, Docc: We want a glorious photo of the ODO as you crossed the 200k threshold!
  4. Also again thanks to AF1 Racing and MGCycle, I was able to find the last parts I was looking for. Love these vendors!
  5. Outstanding, Docc. I love roads with lots of elevation changes. I'm jealous. I don't have my V11 here, but do I need a special wrench to drop the oil filter? The Guzzi Parts Catalogue doesn't list one under "tools". Is that special wrench for earlier 5 speed Guzzis?
  6. If I were retired and had the time, sure.
  7. Well, you live in Tennessee... I'm stranded deep in New Hampshire. Late this week it will finally start dipping into the high 30s overnight. I hate the short riding season here. It is a kick in the teeth every Nov- April. Le Sigh. Carve some corners and scrub some tires for me, Docc.
  8. I'm in love. As usual, Docc, right as always. I daydream about April 2022 almost daily now... can't wait to ride again.
  9. Also, a red frame V11 Sport in black with the silver engine, trans, bevel box, and wheels really looks classy. She's timeless, ageless, like a fitted tuxedo. The V11 is a criminally underrated machine.
  10. Thank you, Guzzimax. I bought a 100 year anniversary book on Guzzi, and no production numbers are listed. Unlike every Ian Falloon Ducati book I own... because I was also interested in production numbers for colors, years, etc. Black was not my first choice in color for the V11, but after finding nothing but clapped-out, high mileage, overpriced, abused examples of the breed locally...I expanded my search for the best V11 Sport I could find in the entire US. I found this one around 1200 miles away, and after a non smoking startup video...I paid over the phone and got her in 2 weeks. I would have loved a greenie V11 Sport, but I couldn't find one. That color really adds to the personality of the motorcycle. I think the Givi bikini fairing adds some balance to the front, really looks great and I'll be keeping it. Never could find production numbers anywhere...if anyone knows, I'd love to know. For the V11, with no actual sources, I hear around 5k bikes a year...but don't quote me on that, as it is hearsay. Love my burly V11. What a cracking motor!
  11. From my stint in the saddle of my own V11 Sport, I must say it offers it's own unique blend of Ducati soul, Harley torque, and airhead BMW indefatigable drivetrain. ... and yes, it really is "sporting", but somewhere between a full on sportbike, and a proper large touring bike. I'd say that the V11 series are like the BMW GS-series. A proper GT machine. Comfy, torquey, long-legged, and they just serve up lazy, drama-free power. Just marvelous.
  12. Should be the cover photo to "Guzzi Quartely"...
  13. Hmmm... while I'm greasing the u joints, might as well replace the entire clutch assembly. Just a simple 8 hour (?) job... Anyone have the OEM or Champion part number for the OEM red spark plug wires? I already found the caps and ordered them. Grazie!
  14. Docc, you are the Yoda of this amazing forum. Thank you!
  15. Does anyone have a source? Other than MG Cycle, I can't seem to find them anywhere. No one seems to have the caps. Gotta get the red set...too sexy. Thank you all!
  16. This makes more sense, honestly.
  17. "MOTO-GUZZI" is all it says. Sticker says "12 Feb 2021" on packaging. It is a BITCH to resize images for the forum, so that is why it isn't so easily read. My apologies.
  18. I am installing the Roper Plate this winter. It is a "must"...if it saves my oil pump from cavitation and my bearings from failure, it was well worth it! I may just score the stick to make sure it is reading at true "FULL".
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