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  1. It's subtle, not loud...just right. Love the Guzzi big block on full chat.
  2. Exactly. Lithium batteries aren't some panacea for all of us.
  3. ...probably the finest sounding V twin ever built? I love the Ducati desmodue, but I'll be damned if the big Guzzi doesn't match, or at least rival it for sound and character! I'm loving mine more by the day.
  4. Had a Shorai in my Daytona 1200. Electrical system, carbs, plugs, wires, all were on-point. Thought I'd save a few lbs. on a 556lb. bike. Nope. Lithium is useless for my applications. After 2 weeks dancing and praying for it to work, bought a heavy AGM Yuasa. Started 1st time at 46 degrees...with a set of four carbs and a heavy 1200cc to turn over. That lithium battery would have blown my sprag clutch if I kept trying until it decided to start my bike. Clack clack clack...that was my sprag getting destroyed one attempt at a time. That's an engine out job...no thank you! I will say, that lithium battery was a very light paperweight!
  5. I doubt these fit a V11 Sport. I'm not getting burned and wasting money on a lithium battery ever again.
  6. Did that with my Triumph...multiple times. Didn't work. Not throwing away another $200+ to experience the same with my Guzzi. If I lived in Texas or Australia, fine. But not in New England. The tech isn't ready for "the rest of us" in less than warm climes.
  7. Problem is, I live in the cold, New England. I don't live in Italy or Florida. I like to ride when it is chilly outside. I bought a Lithium Iron battery for my Triumph 1200, and it was a disaster. I'd get 3-5 cranks from cold, and almost always..."clack clack clack" of the sprag clutch. Installed a new Yuasa AGM, fires right up, first time, every time. Until I get cold start capability, I'm not switching.
  8. It worked. Thank you, @docc!!! Battery light started flickering under 2k RPM on the way home, so now I have to figure that out...hmmm.....
  9. No problem. Will give that a try...
  10. I love you, Docc. Will try that @2am before I depart @430am...fingers crossed!
  11. ? At what temperature should I start worrying?
  12. So, I rode to work tonight, and it's going to dip into 36F. I charged the battery very quickly before I set off a couple of hours ago. At what temperature does this Odyssey battery make the V11 harder to start? I think the CCA is 170...sweating a little bit atm with such a big engine and such cold temperatures...I want to avoid a no start/tow in the morning when my shift ends, if possible... Any wisdom is appreciated.
  13. I will counter: During Winter, I ordered a V11 oil temp gauge/dipstick with a white face, to match the white gauges in my dash on my 2001 V11 Sport. They sent me a black faced oil temp gauge/dipstick instead. I contacted them, they apologized, and sent me the correct one, with a return label for the old one. This isn't a 750 Honda Nighthawk. I am deeply grateful I can get parts for my obscure Guzzi. I've spent probably $500+ with MGCycle for misc parts, and have always had great service, so YMMV. I'm just a guy who owns a V11 Sport, and don't work for MGCycle. I'm just gratful they and AF1 Racing exist.
  14. Wheels roll very smoothly...will recheck tore pressures tomorrow on my Diabolo IIs.
  15. One difference with my super cold-blooded carbed Ducatis, they need a few minutes to warm up. Will start and go with the Guzzi going forward...
  16. I'm only running Shell premium 93, but after an indicated 45-55 miles on my ODO...the fuel light comes on. Also, only getting 23mpg (1st tank) and 21mpg (2nd tank)...around 2-2.2 gallons to the filler neck, so the ODO might be a little "fast" on distance? This is a 5.8 gallon tank, I think? A bit early for the fuel light, perhaps. Granted, I let her warm up for 5-10 mins before each ride when she is cold...granted, she sits around 80mph in 6th (4500RPM) on the highway, and cruises effortlessly. 55mph in 6th is lugging it, probably 2500RPM (?), and doesn't feel right, like abusing the bike. I don't expect 70mpg like my old 250cc Honda, but in the 20s? Almost as bad as my work truck's mpg! lol She runs and sounds great, though! Burn, baby burn!
  17. I know. She's fuel injected. Just used the incorrect term.
  18. Yes. It appears the left throttle cable caught it, and disconnected it. I have since reconnected, and used zip ties to raise both connectors well above the throttle linkage. Just got off another 40 min ride...she runs a treat. Now that I'm here, my butt dyno feels more than 80hp under me. My 900SSs are 85hp, and the V11 feels like she pulls so much harder at highway speeds. Perhaps it is the torque? No matter. She's such a unique pleasure to ride. Wish I got on a Guzzi years ago, but no way in hell I'd ever own a small block Guzzi. The Big block 1100 has spoiled the hell out of me!
  19. If I already didn't have 5 bikes...I'd love a LeMans! Yum.
  20. UPDATE: Took her for a run, a long run. She's running perfectly again. Slight hiccup, but what a machine. The V11 Sport is criminally undervalued. She's a bargain modern classic with such soul!
  21. Just so I clear up any confusion: like any quality long-term relationship, I'm willing to put in the work for my baby. She idled like she had two cylinders after I reattached both conectors...sounds amazing. I enjoy the Mistrals in sound and appearance. They so compliment this machine. I'm still obsessed and in love with the V11 Sport. Can't wait to really scrub in my Diablo IIs tomorrow!
  22. Thankfully....no. Connectors are both totally different, even my stupid self can't screw it up as they won't match. I fired her up in the garage just now...on high enrich/choke...seems fine. It is very wet outside, so my road test will have to wait until tomorrow. I love this machine, and enjoy riding it so much.
  23. Think I found the offending parts responsible for my being left stranded. Appears the left throttle linkage caused two connectors, one for fuel (?), one for the left fuel pump (?) to BOTH come loose. After some fiddling (thankfully, didn't have to remove the tank), they are both connected again. I will use zip ties to add clearance from the linkage tomorrow and then, cautiously, ride her a few blocks several times. Glad it was obvious what it was, and why it was intermittent---because the connectors were both barely connected! Whew. My first Guzzi crisis cleared, if she runs well tomorrow...
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