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  1. Well... I installed the shift extender and took my 02 Lemans for a ride yesterday. WOW... what a difference, definitely the biggest single improvement. Before I would have to consciously shift every gear so as not to miss a shift. Now it shifts quickly, cleanly, and precisely into every gear, and that is both up/down. Feels like a completely new and different trans.. Thank you Chuck for all the work, Phil for the " INGENUITY " SKIP
  2. Nice work Chuck, I'm familiar with the process. I design, build, race iceboats. I appreciate you taking time out of what you really love doing and making those parts for us. SKIP
  3. This is what I have, is this a stock shift lever ??? Just ordered the extender. SKIP
  4. Skip


  5. I'll take one also Chuck, Thanks for all your effort. SKIP
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