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  1. Yep, got it! Don't know why I didn't before. Thanks, Chris.
  2. Hi Docc, There are already numerous threads on this site about this but they all say to retard the ignition point when adding a second plug but surely you would advance it because the flame path is shorter and now symmetrical? No expert on where to advance but to me it has to be mapped preserving idle and keeping watch on pre-ignition. Got the feeling that I am going to learn something here! Chris.
  3. Twin plug the head and change the advance will make it smoother.
  4. I have had another starter motor installed also with the typical click no start issue arising. Diagnosed by the local Harely electrician as a worn leading brush in the starter itself. Chris.
  5. Wow, I must bathe in my ignorance for I have only ever had a minor recall on my K75 with an unneeded steering damper and that is for about 20 vehicles owned over a 45 year period. Nothing major has broken except for a radiator top tank after 10 years of city driving and about 280,000km. Even had a GTL 500 Ducati that never broke down. My ask is, if all these modern vehicles seem prone to recall and costly parts replacement then how are they driven? Chris.
  6. Would it be possible to insert a dampner inside if the frame front down tube? I know it sounds daft but it's the main route for vibration from engine to handle bars. Just thinking laterally here.
  7. Rubber mounting is the 'go to' here, the Bellagio has large rubber grommets inserted into the top triple tree and it works well. The key is here as Docc says to to reduce the source or post engineer it with isolation. Isolation usually involves the transmission of the vibration through a material that has its harmonics at a different level than the source and thus it absorbs rather than resonates. Its a long path between the source ( crank wieghts) and the where its metered (the bars) and surely someone smarter than me could think of someting along that path that may help. If not, Gel filled Bars anyone? Chris.
  8. Thanks, I have looked at the theory on Vee twin secondaries being 1.44 the counterweight each revolution instead of 2 and indeed mentioned the lateral issue a few posts back but what gets me in all this theory is that it's alawys modelled around the central shaft supplying a constant rotation and not the reciprocating motion of the pistons and thus flawed when considering primaries being in balance. Thus I think that it's a lot more complicated than just lateral secondaries. Worthy of another thread perhaps? Chris.
  9. I agree, and I remember a Dharma I had that was uncannily smooth. Perhaps adding a sidecar might smooth things out! Chris.
  10. But the drive shift will always be orientated laterally regardless of engine design so you think maybe is manufactured error?
  11. Why would crank orientation make a difference to smoothness? Secondaries adding up along a lateral horizontal plane with no mass to counteract? Thanks.
  12. Come to think of it a transverse Vee twin is the only engine design that mimics biological bilateral symmetry and has the same cadence as a heart beat. No wonder species Homo Sapien relates to it so well as it seems to be an extension of one's self. Chris.
  13. Any noise on this one? Chris.
  14. Hi Phil I don't buy anything expecting a recall maybe it's a glass half full thing but anyhow. And the V100 is said to be made in a yet to be new high tech factory that would take, what, two years to build at least? That is a good amount of time to call back any problems outside of the retail sector. So, again, I don't expect any issues but that's not to say others internally won't experience them. Chris.
  15. The fault happens at zero pressure so I am not sure that a gauge that measures values above that may be of any use here. But thanks for the suggestion. Chris.
  16. Thanks Marty, what I got out of that link was disconnect the battery and perhaps a cut out switch is in order. Chris.
  17. So if this new model is entirely built in a new factory with all the power behind Piaggio and with no compromise and legacy from older models I still think that errors and recalls would be no more than industry norms, that is to say, expect none.
  18. Hi all, I have a Bellagio that very frequently shows the above fault. To date it has never amounted to any real fault and once cleared it randomly comes back perhaps twice a week to haunt me, and even if not cleared it can go away on a restart. I have 5 different brand sensors that I have swapped out over the years and they all give the same readings. I have also redone the wiring to the sensor and to my mind it is rock solid. My conclusions to all of this is that the sensor, being a simple binary switch, gets fouled with contaminates in the oil and the appendix that it sits in exacerbates this. A simple removal and flush with kerosene sees a longer period until the next "Oh my God, its the red Oil Can of Death" catches your eye. In fact the warning system proves so false I see no real use for it other showing max pressure with DSB 08 Oil Pressure Fault. Thoughts?
  19. There seems to be a report of "hand numbing vibration" in the original post" and if the dampners are original then nothing is being ignored, its actually being well considered. And as you say, it all going to vibrate at some point but the aim is to reduce not eliminate. Chris.
  20. Can't comment on a V11 but .... a comment about Guzzi's in general fielded from the store owner I bought my bike from went "It's a good day when something goes wrong on a Guzzi as it gives you a chance to make it even better." And I will qualify this by the thoughts, how many times can the big end be machined, the bore oversized, the frame straightened without favour or just things worked on without fear of running out of material or strength when doing so. So many modern machines are made right on their performance edge and are deemed disposable after 100,000km or have some form of break down. Guzzi's seem to dare their owners to, go on, get the spanners out, you know you want to! They seem to be a big boys Mechano set that can upgraded in so many ways. Chris.
  21. Also back in the 80' Honda made internal vibration dampners for hollow handle bars. These were not end bar wieghts but a simple pair of heavy steel rods with expanding rubber rings at both ends. Insert rods into each end of the bars and tighten the screw (in much the same manner as end bar weights). My memory of these is that they worked well in the 4500rpm vibration zone inline fours were plagued with. Anything internal like this will change the natural harmonic frequency of the bars and take it away from your trouble spot without changing the 'look' of the bike. Come to think of it, a simple rubber sleeved expanding bolt may serve just as well as a proprietary dampener! Chris.
  22. Yes, use the stock bar end wieghts as stoppers jamming in a length of rubber hose that is just longer than the available internal length and has its OD just smaller than the ID of the bar. This is assuming of course that your clip ons are hollow! This should negate some of the waves travelling up and down each end. Chris.
  23. Probably due to the lower frame rails being deleted and using an old engine mount point for system location. Having a length of rail gives choice, having a point does not. Chris.
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