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  1. I put HyperPro on rear of my Sport and substituted an Aprilia Mille for the front end - handles like a dream. There a little wiggle on hard acceleration from the rear but I like it.
  2. My tailbag of this type was just stolen.... Do you have a black Moto Guzzi expandable tailbag for sale? This is the one with 2 zippers and the Guzzi logo that fits on the Moto Guzzi aluminum rear luggage rack using bottom straps. Thank you, Bob
  3. I am same size as you Kane and also have a Sport (orig. owner). I have taken several 1000 mile trips and would say it has been very nice though I did upgrade the padding on my seat (added small gel layer) after one of the trips. I only go about 300 miles per day. I use small removable soft bags and the factory rack plus factory tailbag. Now I have an Africa Twin and tend to use that for additional route flexibility on long multi-overnight trips.
  4. I ride a red frame with a 150 rear and feel it has a pretty quick turn in. I have the rossopuro cardan bar FWIW.
  5. So cheap - would not part with my V11 for that $ amount!
  6. Looks good in white. That is quite a large rear tire, I like the quick turn-in of a 150 on my 2001 V11 Sport FWIW.
  7. Well, I like the tank!
  8. Bbennett


  9. I get 150 miles a tank or so FWIW. By that time I am ready to stretch the legs anyway....
  10. These bikes are meant to last and lately I think of myself as partly curating my Sport for the next owner, whoever they may be
  11. I am often surprised how cheap used V11 prices are - such great bikes. Of course some of them have not been well cared for.
  12. They seem to have spoked wheels of their own manufacture, not sure if they support V11
  13. More power, I usually need to get off the bike after I run thru a tank of gas with current mileage anyway. But as a previous poster said "less weight" (even better!)
  14. No ugly oil cooler to spoil the looks - great shots here thank you Jan
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