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  1. Thanks, I've often wondered exactly what that part is for.....
  2. Docc - I do not know if they stock parts....
  3. Docc - padajohn said he was seeking "service/parts" in his initial post
  4. Optimum Performance Motorsports is a MG dealer in Kirkland/Totem Lake (the "eastside" of Seattle). Here is a link Cheers, Bob
  5. I love that tip- thanks voycie. I have a full size Passat wagon that this advice applies. I spend my money on bikes, not cars.
  6. I put HyperPro on rear of my Sport and substituted Aprilia Mille shocks for the front end - handles like a dream. There a little wiggle on hard acceleration from the rear but I like it.
  7. My tailbag of this type was just stolen.... Do you have a black Moto Guzzi expandable tailbag for sale? This is the one with 2 zippers and the Guzzi logo that fits on the Moto Guzzi aluminum rear luggage rack using bottom straps. Thank you, Bob
  8. I am same size as you Kane and also have a Sport (orig. owner). I have taken several 1000 mile trips and would say it has been very nice though I did upgrade the padding on my seat (added small gel layer) after one of the trips. I only go about 300 miles per day. I use small removable soft bags and the factory rack plus factory tailbag. Now I have an Africa Twin and tend to use that for additional route flexibility on long multi-overnight trips.
  9. I ride a red frame with a 150 rear and feel it has a pretty quick turn in. I have the rossopuro cardan bar FWIW.
  10. So cheap - would not part with my V11 for that $ amount!
  11. Looks good in white. That is quite a large rear tire, I like the quick turn-in of a 150 on my 2001 V11 Sport FWIW.
  12. Well, I like the tank!
  13. Bbennett


  14. I get 150 miles a tank or so FWIW. By that time I am ready to stretch the legs anyway....
  15. These bikes are meant to last and lately I think of myself as partly curating my Sport for the next owner, whoever they may be
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