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  1. So cheap - would not part with my V11 for that $ amount!
  2. Looks good in white. That is quite a large rear tire, I like the quick turn-in of a 150 on my 2001 V11 Sport FWIW.
  3. Well, I like the tank!
  4. Bbennett


  5. I get 150 miles a tank or so FWIW. By that time I am ready to stretch the legs anyway....
  6. These bikes are meant to last and lately I think of myself as partly curating my Sport for the next owner, whoever they may be
  7. I am often surprised how cheap used V11 prices are - such great bikes. Of course some of them have not been well cared for.
  8. They seem to have spoked wheels of their own manufacture, not sure if they support V11
  9. More power, I usually need to get off the bike after I run thru a tank of gas with current mileage anyway. But as a previous poster said "less weight" (even better!)
  10. No ugly oil cooler to spoil the looks - great shots here thank you Jan
  11. Took bike for a good long ride today in very hot weather to test out recent addition/replacement of heat shielding and subtle re-positioning of various items under the fuel tank to avoid radiant heat. My low RPM cough is now virtually gone, and I am happy with the results of this fiddling. My bike has always run like a top for 3 seasons and then was not very happy in summers. Now the bike is perfectly ride-able even in stop and go traffic in the heat. OK, I do still have a very slight stumble between 2-3K RPM but I have always had it and it is 2nd nature to me to compensate for it after 50K miles on this thing. (edited typo in stated mileage)
  12. To clarify, my use of the term "vapor lock" refers to intense sputtering at low RPM in hot ambient conditions at low speeds (e.g. stop and go traffic).
  13. Vapor lock hunt today. I installed new nicely shielded fuel line from Scud - even fits after I scooted my fuel pump forward by 1/4" to get it "that much further away" from the hot cylinders. Pump is in the orig V11 Sport location under the spine . I also put some heat shielding over fuel line on right side for the heck of it and installed a new fuel filter and breather line (no real reason). Re-tacked on the heat shielding under the tank as best I could. Cleaned and oiled the pods. Of all things, I almost could not get the tank bolt in - I think tank might be slightly swollen. Bike started up with no leaks....am too greasy to put on my gear and test ride. Oh I spilled some gas and it turned my epoxy paint job under the bike to grey crud.
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