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  1. Finalized the sale and handed the LeMans over to the new owner this morning. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't reluctant in letting it go. This is one I'll probably regret.
  2. I've been a bit overwhelmed with recent inquiries on this bike, many of which who are not Facebook/Marketplace users. I would assume this forum thread is likely the reason why. To save some potential buyers some time, and to ease the email/message load on myself, I'm going to call this a sorta-kinda most-likely Sale Pending. I didn't want to call it Sale Pending until I knew it was a sure thing, but... after consulting with the most-likely future owner who will remain anonymous for now.... I think we both have agreed that we can call it that. We plan to make it official and work our transportation logistics after the New Year. I appreciate the interest. If for some crazy reason this deal falls through, I will let the group know.
  3. I've not noticed any engine paint bubbling. My past observations with other V11's, is that commonly happens on the valve covers, doesn't it? I see no bubbling on the valve covers either. It DOES have cracked/flaking paint on the red porkchops though. I was going to replace them with a nicer silver set that I had in my possession, but the longer I've owned it, the less it seems to bother me, and I still like the red. I'm not aware of any shift return spring issue(s).
  4. USD = Upside Down ...moto shorthand lingo. Still has the original/factory forks.
  5. I joined the group back on October 4th, made one intro post, and then.... well, just forgot to check back in. I've been busy, with life and stuff. Yes, the bike in this discussion is mine. I'm Tom Witt. It did indeed belong to Terry Whitaker. Terry passed away last year. I did not know him personally, but we have several common friends. I bought both his V11 LeMans and his 164k-mile California (with gold plated valve covers) a few months ago, from Maggie. I also considered buying his yellow Centauro, but it had some minor issues that spooked me away at the time. I've been contacted by several members from this group, through my Marketplace post and directly via email, I'm assuming mostly due to this thread. I never did post this bike for sale here on the forum because.... well, that's gotta be about this most distasteful thing for a new forum user to do. Sign up and the first post is.... "Hey, I'm a new guy. Buy my bike!".
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