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  1. Beautiful bike! Welcome to the hive Sam!
  2. PerSnickety... Damn, I had to look it up!! For a minute I thought, that’s the sound of your engine with loose valve lash... Where else can you enrich your vocabulary with technical terms as such?! Love it!
  3. On the older model, the computer cable with USB-A plug was attached permanently to the interface and you needed an adapter to connect to a tablet or a phone. Nowadays a lot of laptop have USB-C ports as well, so I guess they upgraded the interface with a USB-B port to plug in the proper USB cable directly, eliminating the need for any adapter. Note that Lonelec sells the different USB cables separetely for a couple of bucks each so you could essentially make your interface ready for all type of USB connections. I'm not sure that you can run GuzziDiag on an iPad, my understanding is that there only is an Android version for mobile devices. I could be wrong though... it's happened before... Edit: No Android version of GuzziDiag exists at this time. If you want to run it on a tablet it has to be a Windows tablet.
  4. Here is the direct link to the “Guzzi” cables. https://www.lonelec.com/product/guzzidiag-3pin-interface-cable-kit/ All you have to do is choose an option for the cable to plug to your computer/tablet/phone. The original cables came with USB-A plug attached for standard PC connection. I’d go for that, you can always use an adapter if you want to plug into a tablet/phone.
  5. To do a TPS adjustment, you need to loosen the 2 screws that fasten it to the throttle body and rotate it until you read your desired output - 157mV. It's pretty sensitive, we are talking micro adjustment here. Only loosen the screws enough to allow rotation while maintaining some tension. Your output might jump around when you tighten the screws back so you might need to rinse and repeat until locked in. And definetely read and follow docc procedure in Decent Tune-up: https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19610-decent-tune-up/
  6. One could fairly easily fabricate their own fender eliminator /license plate holder /tail tidy or whatever you wanna call it... Here is an interesting idea/drawing that could be implemented as is or used for inspiration. Fender Eliminator Bracket.pdf
  7. Yes, fun memories with that car… Then I finally had to scrap it when the fuel tank developed leaks due to rust… Enjoy your GTV!
  8. That was my dream car as a young driver… I had a ‘74 Alphasud, the poor man Alpha Romeo. Great fun to drive but I it literally just rusted away.
  9. Premium prices even considering the shipping is included. But then it comes from the motherland...
  10. If you already have the powder then by all mean, use that.
  11. That is great, thank you Chuck! Take your time, finish your flying machine, no hurry on my side, don’t just go take off into the sunset... On the finish side of things, would it be possible to have a satin black instead of flat? That’s how I’m having all my little parts that sit in the background refinished.
  12. OK, let's close that deal, I'll take two to make it ten. I personally would prefer mines in black, powder coated if possible. IIRC Chuck made a run of powder coated ones, otherwise I'll take them raw as I have a bunch of parts to send to the PC. @Chuck? And thanks to everyone who raised their hands for this!
  13. I’m telling the truth, very, slowly 내가 다가갈게 천천히, 아주 천천히 손짓만으로 알 수가 있지 너가 얼마나 착한 애인지
  14. After this highly entertaining and educative interlude where we learned about the virtues of multilingualism, the pitfalls of ear twisting accents and the benefits of immersion when trying to master a foreign language, we will resume our scheduled programming... The forum pages are again loading normally, it must have been a temporary glitch, nothing to worry about. Carry on
  15. About 20.7 liters(~5.5 us gal.) with 5 liters(~1.3 us gal.) reserve according to the manual.
  16. I hear you Docc, what sounds like a good idea seems a little risky with a 500lbs bike... I would not try that solo.
  17. Hear, Hear good people. The Lucky Phil engineered/ Chuck developped shifter extented bracket is not dead! If you want to own a historic part, spawned from a community of dedicated preservationist of the mighty V11 Sport and smooth out yer shifting in the process, now is the time to sign up... Thanks @Chuck
  18. Thanks P.A., I think I'm gonna pursue the H-D spacer route, order one longer than I need and have it cut as precisely as possible to length. I'm hesitant to reinstall the bearings just to mesure the wheel hub and then pull one out again to fit the spacer. 0.010" = 0.25mm, that's the range I was thinking about. I think I can get a pretty good measurement with a depth micrometer and as you imply we are not trying to send a rocket to the moon here. I didn't use to care one bit about those details when I was a young lad, as long as it rolled, I'd ride it. OCD only developed proportionally with age and enough accumulation of tools and knowledge that I can't always find either or. Do I detect common traits about folks a certain age with accumulated wisdom working on their bikes... That well is bottomless...
  19. That’s what I needed to hear, thank you @Pressureangle and I appreciate your offer to have one made for me. I found some 1” id wheel spacers in different length, actually an HD part that’s readily available and cheap. I have a good friend machinist that I can tap to have it cut to the right length. I read on this forum that not all wheels have the exact same dimension between the shoulders were the bearings outer races sit, hence the pursuit of a custom made spacer. https://www.v11lemans.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1201-hollow-front-axle/ On page 8 of this excellent FAQ thread @Paul Minnaert writes: “The spacer in the wheel, has to be measured on the wheel, the length is different on each wheel.” “And because all wheels are different, you need to measure the length first. Guzzi makes the spacers all equal and there we see people’s wheel bearings break.” I measure 104.5mm pretty consistently on my wheel and I already knew it’s better to err towards a bit longer, but how much longer?
  20. Yes Docc, The wheels are the same aside from color. It just takes different bearings and inner spacers to accommodate for the different axles. Essentially adapting the wheel to your fork/axle configuration. There’s no concern about the spacers between the bearings and the fork legs as you can just reuse them. @Pressureangle yes, a pretty simple thing once you’ve got the proper tubing stock to cut to length. I need a tube that’s 104 mm long with a 25 mm id. It has to be smooth inside, but how close in diameter to the axle OD? The oem is steel but could it be made of aluminum? It would be lighter but would it be strong enough?
  21. Hi @Chuck, do you have any more Lucky Phil shifter brackets available by any chance? Thanks!
  22. Anyone familiar with these spacers or fabrication in general have suggestions as to having one made?
  23. I got a nice set of spare wheels for the Café Sport - Thanks @KINDOY2 - Originally from a Scura which has a different front axle configuration even though they both have Ohlins forks. The Scura front wheel has the two size bearings - 20/25mm ID - with the sleeved and shouldered spacer, the CS has two 25mm bearings with the spacer sandwiched between the two inner races. I pulled the bearings out and was looking for the latter spacer (GU01615290) and found it is still available from most usual suppliers but at a premium, ~$130+. Ouch! So, what are my options; 1_ Trying to find a used one is the simplest and most obvious solution but my Google-fu didn’t yield any result so far. 2_ Have one fabricated which give me the choice of material (more options here, suggestions welcomed) and probably gonna end up with a similar price tag as a new one. 3_ Cough-up the mulla and be done with it... Anyone here with a spare spacer gathering dust on a shelf?
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